Apparently, Cops Using Proper Pronouns Are a Bigger Problem Than Immigration on the Border?

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El Paso Police Department (EPPD) isn’t so worried about the thousands of illegals crossing the border daily. According to local outlet KOMO News, In a request presented by the EPPD themselves, and not the public, they want officers to worry about the pronouns of people more than their jobs. Specifically, they want an order to force all officers to ask for and use an individual’s preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns during all interactions.

This is what the purpose of an identification card is for. Should the officer require that information for the necessary execution of an investigation, they simply ask for the ID. Asking such questions not only wastes time, but it leaves the door open for misunderstandings and sets up officers for harassment by claiming they were never asked.

Additionally, they want to require two officers at a minimum for interactions with “gender-diverse individuals.” As well as allowing detainees to “express a preference of officer gender for searches.” However, the icing on the cake is not allowing for the removal of “appearance-related items.” These items can be used to conceal drugs, weapons, self-harm devices, or other contraband.

Ordering LGBTQ people to be transported and housed on their own is the only spot of legislation that makes any sense at all. Requiring officers to notify guards of this information upon transfer ensures it happens. Putting them together prevents unwanted advances and potential fights from occurring. As men and women are segregated, keeping the LGBTQ community on their own and away from those who may get violently decline advances prevents problems from occurring.

What’s the most wrong here is the timing. Given the number of illegals arriving into the city daily, they already have more than enough on their plates, and adding in these kinds of rules and restrictions is a waste of time and effort in an area that isn’t crucial to the safety of the citizens of El Paso.