Passengers Learn the Dangers of Flying Discount with Recent Devilish Frontier Flight

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LukeandKarla.Travel /

Frontier Airlines is known for being a discount airline. It’s a way for people to save money while traveling. They charge low fares and, then, have charges for everything else, including being able to choose your seat rather than being assigned one at the gate.

For many, they assume that the flight isn’t going to be the best. Travelers familiar with the airline know to pack a pillow for comfort and snacks since none will be provided for them.

What most don’t plan on is to be told that the devil is on the plane.

A flight from Houston to Denver this past weekend was delayed by three hours, partly because of an emergency stop in Dallas to remove a customer in tears.

Three separate passengers seemed to lose their minds. Video footage was caught by some, but there are key elements missing, including why the first woman was being subdued by security.

One woman on the plane stood up and announced why it’s all happening. “This is not happening for no reason. This is actual evidence that there is a real devil that wants to kill each and every one of y’all including your family members. That’s not her, she’s possessed! She needs help!”

No wonder people were getting itchy and wanting off the plane. No one wants to stay on a plane when a woman has announced that a passenger is possessed…and that the devil wants to kill everyone and their family members.

Frontier hasn’t bothered to comment on the story. Meanwhile, the story has been picked up by virtually every news station out there, including TMZ. After all, devil possession on a discount airline is something that everyone should hear about.

If you thought your last flight was eventful, it likely didn’t have this kind of drama.

The NY Post was kind enough to share this video:

Everyone on that plane was likely wishing they had shelled out a bit more money to avoid the drama and the devil that had made its way onto their Frontier flight.