San Francisco Homeless Vanish & the Streets Are Cleaned Ahead of Xi Jinping Visit

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A communist dictator will be in San Francisco this week to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Joe Biden is expected to arrive on Wednesday. Oh, and the President of China, Xi Jinping, will be there, too.

You should see San Francisco this week! It smells like Lysol, but for the most part, it looks like it did back in the 1990s. The homeless have all been rounded up and taken away to encampments and all the trash has been picked up. They even cleaned the poop off the sidewalks! How did that happen so fast?

San Francisco has basically become unlivable under almost 60 years of liberal rule. The last Republican mayor that the city elected left office in 1964. If you visited San Francisco in the 1990s or the early 2000s, it smelled a little bit like pee but it was still a beautiful city. Today, it’s a total dump.

With the APEC international summit coming up, however, the city has suddenly turned into a Potemkin Village. Just look at how great the city is doing with Joe Biden in charge of the country, and Democrat Mayor London Breed running the show locally! There are no homeless fentanyl and heroin addicts living in tents on the sidewalks. The tents are gone and so are the hobos.

It seems like only last week—and for the past several years—that the homeless would lounge around on the sidewalk all day in a drug-dazed stupor after purchasing more fentanyl in an open-air drug market. They’d only rise from their stupor long enough to go smash someone’s car window and steal something to trade for more drugs. Or they’ll stand up just long enough to poop in front of the entrance to that restaurant you were about to walk into. Other than that, they’ve been pretty much immovable since, in the mind of a progressive liberal, homeless criminals have more rights than taxpaying citizens.

Now that communist dictator Joe Biden and President Jinping are headed to San Francisco, the homeless are all gone. The open-air drug markets just look like parking lots, which is a nice coincidence, since that’s what those areas used to be. The drug dealers and the homeless have all been rounded up or pushed out of a seven-block area in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods.

The tent cities have all been picked up and removed, and the sidewalks have all been pressure-washed with Lysol. The needles are gone. It would probably be safe to park your car there unattended right now without having the windows smashed out. Oh, except you little taxpayers can’t park right there. The suddenly cleaned parts of the city are reserved for Joe Biden and his entourage and for Xi Jinping and the rest of the leaders from Asia.

The main sentiment on this on social media right now is predictable. For years, San Francisco’s failed Democrat leaders have been telling the people that there’s just no money to deal with the homelessness and the drug markets and the smash-and-grab thieves, and all that sidewalk poop. The situation has gotten so bad that two major shopping malls have shut down, along with multiple large retailers and grocery stores. Every single business along Market Street in San Francisco has shuttered its doors. Banks are fleeing San Francisco because, with all the businesses leaving, they have no more customers.

But the city suddenly has enough tucked away in its coffers to get the homeless and the dealers and the thieves off the street just because Joe Biden and a bunch of Asian leaders are coming to town? Right…

The Democrats really do hate their own constituents. This proves they could have cleaned the city up ages ago. They just haven’t done it because they don’t want to.