Young Conservatives Wage War on the Deep State

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One of Donald Trump’s biggest goals was and still is destroying the “deep state.” And now, the next generation is working from the inside out to achieve just that.

As you likely know, there are two major differences between conservatives and progressives. The former admire less government control and more “for the people” inclusion. The political left wants the opposite: for the government to rule everything and for the people to follow that mindlessly.

It’s a battle that has waged since the birth of democracy. And unfortunately, the progressives have gotten very good at what they do – installing government agencies for just about everything imaginable.

Trump sought to destroy much of this during his first term in the White House, although his lack of political experience and constant red tape hampered that.

Thankfully, that work is still going on, albeit in a much quieter and behind-the-scenes way.

Introducing American Moment, a small but growing group of conservative youth founded in 2021 to quite literally destroy the control of the deep state.

As Politico reported, the group’s goal is about as pro-conservatism as you can get. “On the agenda: How to take over the federal government, one junior staff position at a time.”

First and foremost, this means that the group is readying the staff of the next GOP administration. No, we’re not talking about the Cabinet members. Instead, the group is setting up DC internships and summer fellowships to train young conservative adults who will be aides and staffers to these Cabinet members and more.

The group, founded by Ohio GOP Senator JD Vance, noticed this as one of the major problems for Trump when he was in office and trying to attain this goal on his own. There was simply a lack of people to support him and help him achieve his goals.

Simply put, conservative aids and staffers, those who are in it for the actual good of the people and not making it into politics, are hard to find. And it’s those individuals who end up doing most of the work.

American Moment seeks to correct this so that, come another GOP administration, that president and his appointed staff are set up to really make a difference.

And that means they can effectively “wage war on the ‘deep state’ and entrench the populist political revolt that began with the Trump administration.”