Biden’s Secretary of State Admits We’ll End Up Funding Terrorism With Biden’s Money to Gaza

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Secretary of State under President Biden, Antony Blinken, told the Senate Appropriations Committee in no uncertain terms that the US will end up funding terrorism in Gaza with their funding. Appearing on October 31st, he tried to downplay the effects of what they have already had leaked.

“Can I promise you in this committee that there’ll be 100 percent delivery to the designated recipients? No, there will inevitably be some spillage. We haven’t seen it to date, but I think we have to anticipate that. But the overwhelming, overwhelming majority of the assistance thus far is getting to people who need it. And we need more.” This never-ending quest for more from the American people shouldn’t be surprising either. Look at Ukraine for a shining example of how long US help can be drug out.

“Before the conflict in Gaza, before Hamas’s aggression against Israel and its response, the U.N. and other agencies and other organizations providing relief were sending in between 500 and 800 trucks a day. Right now, we’re up to almost 60. We’re trying to get to 100 this week. These trucks then go to distribution facilities that are run by U.N. agencies.” He claimed that then they have officials “contacting the designated recipients to ensure that it’s actually gotten to where it’s supposed to go and not been diverted.”

The same day, he had an op-ed published in the Washington Post. Inside, he detailed how the US needed to play both sides of the fence in the conflict. He believed that the “innocents” that may be hurt in Palestine needed to have things supplied to them as a way to make up for potential mistargeting by Israelis.

He wrote, “Palestinian civilians are not to blame for Hamas’s atrocities or for the grave humanitarian crisis in Gaza. They are its victims. As with civilians in any conflict, the lives of Palestinian civilians must be protected. That means the flow of food, water, medicine, fuel, and other essential humanitarian aid into Gaza must increase – immediately and significantly.”

This kind of mixed message is dangerous for the American government. Backing both sides sends a very dangerous and divided message to the global community. It tells the people of Palestine that we support the acts of Hamas by not committing to going after them extensively, as the only way to do that is with boots on the ground.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) found evidence of Hamas stealing food and fuel from their depots back in October, but no outcry was heard. Instead, they retracted the statement, with no good explanation. As the Israeli Foreign Ministry called them out for their actions, they have remained tight-lipped on the subject.

Manipulation of the media, supplies, and the narrative like this is something that is beyond conceivable for the people of Israel. For decades people who have been antisemitic have convinced smooth-brained people that the Jews run Hollywood and the media. As they watch their people being exterminated and fighting back, the argument against the Muslims has been loud. Yet the media keeps portraying a message of sympathy for Gaza and trying to paint the people of Israel as well as the US for helping them as being the ones causing the oppression.

In under 90 days, this conflict has sent ripples through the globe. People who are culturally Jewish are finding themselves with people who aren’t even religious because liberals are telling them that Hamas isn’t evil. Division like this could easily bring the globe to its knees, especially as many are planting the seeds for the age-old divisional message of “silence is compliance” in favor of the oppressors.

Who that oppressor is depends on who is talking about the situation.