Keanu Reeves Goes Full Beast Mode at the Gun Range in Viral New Training Video

Kathy Hutchins /
Kathy Hutchins /

Hollywood Gen Xer Keanu Reeves is mainly known for two things: He’s literally one of the nicest and humblest people you could ever meet, and he trains like crazy at the gun range for his action films. We’ve seen viral videos of Keanu at the range in the past, and a new one was released online just this week.

In this latest video, Halle Berry is running the time for Keanu as he runs through training at the Taran Tactical range in Simi Valley, California. That’s the same range where he did all the training for the John Wick series of movies.

The technical accuracy and precision that Reeves displays in the films have made gun lovers a huge fan of the series. When John Wick 4 was released back in March, shooting clubs and gun ranges across the country held watch parties to celebrate the release of the film.

In the video below, Keanu mows down targets with semiautomatic handguns, a carbine rifle, a .308 rifle, and a semiautomatic shotgun. He also blasts targets with a handgun using both his dominant and off-hand.

Most people in Hollywood are such anti-gun freaks that they’re always calling to ban the very firearms that have helped to make them wealthy in action franchises. Keanu Reeves has always remained apolitical when it comes to guns. It’s fun to watch someone like this who truly takes firearms seriously and has learned to use them with such effectiveness and precision.

At one point, the owner of Taran Tactical, Taran Butler, can be heard exclaiming, “That was awesome.” It is awesome. Enjoy!