Video: Australian Man Punches a Kangaroo to Save His Dog

Annabell Gsoedl /
Annabell Gsoedl /

An Australian man had to fistfight a kangaroo recently when it was trying to murder his dog. We don’t use the term “murder” lightly. When you see the video of this man rescuing his dog, you’ll understand completely.

Remember when they always taught us (here in America) about kangaroos? “Oh, they’re so cute and they carry their babies in a little pouch and hop around like really big bunnies!”

No. No, no, no.

They never showed us what kangaroos look like when they stand up on their hind legs like a human. These things are pure nightmare fuel. A wolf with rabies looks less frightening than these things. A kangaroo standing fully erect looks like something that escaped from Monster Island, or from a laboratory where some mad scientist spliced a rabbit with Mike Tyson.

Watch the terrifying video below. Notice how calm, cool and collected the kangaroo beast is as it holds the dog down while attempting to drown it. It’s as if the kangaroo is saying to the dog’s owner, “What’s up? Just drowning your dog here, no biggie. Gaze into my black, soulless eyes if you dare. Just know that I will be drowning you like this in your dreams for the rest of your miserable life.”

Our hat goes off to the guy who wades into the water and punches the kangaroo. Seriously, why hasn’t Australia driven these nightmarish beasts into extinction? Imagine walking out and seeing one of these monsters standing up in your front yard. Yikes!

The original video for this was uploaded by a martial arts school in Victoria. Apparently, punching kangaroos is a regular thing in the land down under. We can totally understand why.