SS Agent Near JFK During Assassination Finally Admits Official Story Is Wrong

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There have always been great conspiracies surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And now, a new and differing account of the events of that day may upend everything.

If you know much about that fatal day in November 1963, you’ve likely heard that the official story includes a “pristine” or “magic” bullet. Found on the stretcher supposedly used for then-Texas Governor John Connally, it has been assumed that this bullet was the first to be shot from Lee Harvey Oswald’s C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.

It is also thought that this one bullet hit both Kennedy and Connally. The suspicion is that it entered Kennedy in the back, made a sharp 90-degree turn, came out his neck, and then entered first the right shoulder, then the right wrist, and finally the left thigh of Connally, sitting in the front seat of Kennedy’s limousine.

Yet, somehow, the bullet remained completely intact and undamaged, “pristine.”

However, a recent accounting by Paul Landis, a 28-year-old secret service agent standing on the back running board of the limousine at the time of the shooting, seems to cast doubt on this theory.

According to Landis, who is now 88, told the New York Times that he remembers finding the “magic” bullet on the back seat of the limo, “right around the spot where the limo’s detachable roof, which had been removed that day, would have otherwise been affixed to the trunk.”

He says he picked it up, put it in his pocket so no one else would take it, and then assisted then-First Lady Jackie Kennedy out of the car and into Parkland Hospital.

Landis meant to give the bullet to his supervisor. But in all the confusion, he put it on Kennedy’s stretcher, thinking it might help the doctors. Later, it was found on Connally’s stretcher and so thought to be the one that hit the governor.

But if it was found in the back seat, it’s more likely that it didn’t hit Connally and came from in front of the car. And this means there was a second shooter…

And so the conspiracies continue.