New Mexico Sheriff Ensures Tyrannical Governor Will Not Get Her Way

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If you haven’t heard, New Mexico’s liberal governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has grown tired of gun violence in her state. But unlike most of us, she thinks the problem is law-abiding gun owners and the Second Amendment. So, she’s ordered that no one be allowed to open or conceal carry a firearm in two major counties for 30 days.

Thankfully, most of her state’s leadership doesn’t agree with her and isn’t willing to enforce such a ban.

Albuquerque, Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen announced on Monday that he will not play ball with Lujan Grisham.

“The temporary ban challenges the foundations of our Constitution, but most importantly, it is unconstitutional. My oath was to protect the Constitution, and that is what I will do,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Now, to be sure, gun violence has gotten rather bad as of late, especially in states and metropolises where they believe more gun control and less criminal accountability are warranted. And unfortunately, innocent children and other bystanders get caught in the crossfires too often.

The most recent instance, and the one that spared Lujan Grisham’s tyrannical edict, occurred on Wednesday when an 11-year-old was killed in a road rage shooting in New Mexico.

So yes, something should be done to stop such a tragedy.

But the answer is not to punish law-abiding citizens and disarm them.

Lujan Grisham declared the increased gun violence in her state a “public health emergency,” which gave her special powers to enact such a firearm ban.

But as Allen and a growing list of others are proving, she doesn’t really have the power to do so. And if she thinks she does, then the people will prove otherwise – just like we did in 1765 when the British tried to take our weapons.

This might also prove to be the end of Lujan Grisham’s career…