CNN Tries to Defend Biden By Calling Economy “Strong”

Iljanaresvara Studio /
Iljanaresvara Studio /

CNN has always been left-leaning, so it’s no surprise that they’ve chosen to defend the Biden administration. Of course, it’s getting harder, considering there are so many things going wrong. The economy is in the toilet, which is why most of the mainstream media has dubbed it Bidenomics.

Still, CNN doesn’t want to say anything bad.

Instead, they’re going to explain why things look the way they do. They recently titled a piece, “Why Biden’s strong economy feels so bad to most Americans.” Hmmm. We don’t think they understand the meaning of the word “strong.” After all, if the economy is strong, why does it feel so bad to most Americans?

They start off their piece with the lie that people are doing better economically than before Biden took office.

That’s a hard no. My groceries weren’t as expensive. My gas wasn’t as expensive. And I sure as hell wasn’t paying 24.99% on my credit cards.

According to Justin Wolfers, a professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan “everything sucked” at the start of Biden’s term. Well, we know that he’s a liberal.

And he thinks that the economy has improved.

“There’s this disjunction between reality and perception that’s as large as I’ve ever seen in my career.”

Talk about pointing the finger back to Americans. Apparently, reality and perception are not the same. The reality is that Biden is doing a good job, and the perception is that he’s not? That’s one way to spin it.

Leave it to CNN to adamantly lie to us.

Perhaps they need a wake-up call. The economy is not strong, Americans are struggling, and we need a conservative president in the Oval Office to fix things.