Mainstream Media Playing Hot Potato Prominent With Far Left Pedophile

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Ever since Cronkite retired in 1980, networks have become awash with unreliable, untrustworthy, and unscrupulous figureheads running rampant. These liberal darlings are given the keys to a candy store as they have unfettered access to homes across the world and can manipulate the narrative anyways they see fit. Since he retired, that’s exactly what they have done too.

In the latest story, CNN has now picked up disgraced former New York Times and BBC executive Mark Thompson. While running things at BBC, he turned a blind eye as their biggest star Jimmy Savile was sexually abusing countless children. Using his position to build artificial trust and gain that same level of access, he lured them in and struck. Thompson, meanwhile, simply ignored the allegations, and it only came to light as the BBC hosted a program that focused on his life starting in the late 1960s.

In November 2013, when the New York Times initially brought him on, they claimed they did not know about his past.

“Mr. Thompson has said he knew nothing of the Savile investigation before it was canceled by the editor of the BBC’s “Newsnight” program. As for what he knew afterward, his statements have evolved: He first said he was unaware of the investigation but then acknowledged he was subsequently told of its cancellation by a reporter at a cocktail party. He said while he “may have formed an impression” about possible areas of a Savile investigation, including his charity work, he was unaware of child-sexual-abuse accusations.”

Given how widely accepted and even condoned child grooming is becoming just 10 years later, it’s no shocker that he’s now with CNN, and the New York Times did nothing to atone for his past. Yet CNN seems to see value in his abilities to help them adapt and grow for the digital age. Far-left Variety tried spinning this explanation for his hire, but that still fell flat on its face.

“It is unclear if Thompson will be any more successful than his predecessors. CNN is projected to see its subscriber base drop in 2024 to 66.3 million from 70.3 million in 2023, according to data from Kagan, a market research unit of S&P Global Intelligence. Revenue from its cable and satellite distributors is seen falling to $1.032 billion, compared with $1.048 billion in 2023. Advertising revenue, however, is expected to be buoyed by the 2024 presidential election and increase to $576.1 million, compared with $562.6 million in 2023.

Given the links both he and CNN have to perpetuate far-left lies and hoaxes and the truth and fact, he certainly is finding himself at home with like-minded individuals who are more than happy to push the same horrific agenda. They aren’t afraid of making big mistakes or corrupting the moral majority. Instead, they want to disrupt the American way of life to make room for the distorted and corrupt views of the Democratic party.

Over the years, this corruption has brought America some very skewed ways of seeing things and brought about some of the swiftest erosion of the values that made America such a global superpower. By losing these values, we as a nation have begun to lose our way and our ability to be a leader on the global stage. They helped us rise to prominence and helped keep us there for a very long time.

Now this liberal agenda and people like Thompson are doing everything they can to erase the horrible parts of history (largely supported or started by their people), and instead, they blame conservatives for all the problems they keep creating.

The one saving grace in all of this is that as a network, CNN is on the ropes. While, unlike a liberal bank, they are not too big to fail, they also have a massive tape library that makes them very valuable to multiple services. Their attempt to stream with CNN+ failed miserably. With the thought that Thompson can turn that around, they’ll need a Hail Mary to return to prominence, and sad to say, he isn’t it.