Biden Demands Billions for New COVID Booster, But Americans Aren’t Buying the Hype 

Jo Panuwat D /
Jo Panuwat D /

COVID cases are on the rise, and the left-leaning media is frustrated because this time around, Americans aren’t panicked about it. According to a recent Axios/IPSOS poll, Americans have bigger health concerns to worry about, like fentanyl, obesity, and “guns.” 

Despite the ongoing push by the Biden administration for additional vaccines, the CDC is alarmed by the lack of enthusiasm Americans have for getting jabbed yet again. According to data, only 17% of adults have received the latest booster shot. It’s a significant decline from the 81% of adults who received the first one, and if current polling predictions hold true, a sign that COVID has lost its ability to be weaponized. 

According to Phil Boas of the Arizona Republic, Health officials “got so much wrong during the COVID-19 pandemic and asserted it with such confidence that they will not soon restore the trust they once enjoyed.” He adds, “In the past two years, confidence in health-care officials has dropped 10 points.” 

Earlier this summer, fact-checkers were spinning out of control to refute claims that mask mandates are returning, calling the concept a “conspiracy theory.” But some colleges, along with hospitals across the nation, are restoring mask mandates, and it’s unspoken but generally accepted that a new wave of mask mandates will sweep across the U.S. 

The CDC points out that COVID hospitalizations increased by 31% during August, with BA.2.86., a mild variant with the symptoms of a cold, to blame. Other variants, less contagious and equally mild, are being tracked as well. 

It’s another moment tailor-made for a power grab, and the Biden administration can’t wait for a 2020-21 sequel. President Joe Biden has revealed that he plans to appropriate more taxpayer money to develop a new coronavirus vaccine. It’s like playing an old, unpopular song on repeat after it fell from the Top 40.  

Last fall, Biden’s request for an additional $9 billion in funding for vaccines was denied by Congress. Even the current administration may be finding it hard to justify funding the development of a new vaccine, which was not included in the supplemental funding request passed for the new fiscal year. That funding request included $40 billion earmarked for “border priorities,” “climate change,” additional aid to Ukraine, and disaster funds. 

Biden’s announcement that he would “demand” additional vaccine funding was not well-received. A jab-weary America has seen this movie before, and they aren’t enthusiastic about seeing it again.  

No matter how many times the COVID vaccines are dubbed “safe and effective,” Americans remain skeptical. In March 2023, a poll revealed that 40% of adults were concerned about the vaccine’s safety or efficacy.  

But that doesn’t stop the left from blindly subjecting themselves to the shots. 

A shining example of booster-mania is Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who recently revealed that he had received seven boosters and was rolling his sleeve up for the next. Durbin has contracted COVID three times in one year. 

As if concerns over safety and efficacy weren’t enough to spark skepticism, many Americans have taken note of the obvious financial boon pharmaceutical manufacturers and leadership receive from repeated vaccinations. 

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla swore that just one vaccine a year would return normalcy to Americans. His company oversaw a record-breaking $100 billion in revenue in 2022. Bourla personally netted $33 million from the vaccine and saw a pay increase of 36%. 

Bourla tested positive for COVID in the summer of 2022 following four Pfizer vaccinations. He stated that he was “thankful” to have gotten the four apparently ineffective vaccinations when he was diagnosed. 

In what should be an open-and-shut case of “conflict of interest,” many members of the Biden administration, including COVID guru NIAID Director Anthony Fauci and other members within the organization, received royalty payments from vaccine manufacturers. 

Currently, Biden has not attempted to restore vaccine mandates, but he has mentioned that he is “tentatively” recommending everyone receive the new booster. 

But he may be shooting for the moon. In January 2022, 60% of adults had received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, but in March, the numbers showed only 55% of Americans receiving any shots.  

Biden will bang his drum and flex his muscles, predicting a mass COVID extinction, but it seems he may need to find a new way to control the masses. Americans just aren’t buying the hype anymore.