Tribal Police Refuse to Cower to Environmentalists Outside of Burning Man

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It turns out the spirit of Florida Man resides in Nevada just outside the Burning Man festival with tribal police.

On August 27th, a video was captured of a group of climate activists blocking the only road heading to the festival, and it led to a 150-car backup with all of them sitting and idling in the hot sun. An exhaust-spewing orgy that they naturally planned for and had planned to have happen. Equipped with signs reading “General Strike for Climate” and “Abolish Capitalism,” as well as chaining themselves to some heavy grates and a trailer they had blocked the road with.

Warning them through loudspeakers, the Tribal police informed the protestors, “30 seconds, send your leader to my vehicle, let’s talk, get off the f*cken road.” After about 37 seconds of no movement, he proceeded to smash into the trailer and push it around before turning around for a second pass. Upon the turn around, the officer got out of his vehicle and approached the people who, just moments before, had refused to exit the road.

Now demanding they get on the ground, and with his weapon drawn, they continued to pussy foot around. As he arrested one, another instead kept trying to declare, “We are not violent! Please… we have no weapons at all, we are environmental protesters.” Arrested for “trespassing on Tribal lands,” the group wasted no time in taking credit for their actions.

Based out of New York, the group “Seven Circles” was at the helm of the protest, and their message about environmentalism is just as crazed as their protesting style is ineffective. As SFGate reported about the group, “Seven Circles said the purpose of the protest was “to draw attention to capitalism’s inability to address climate and ecological breakdown” and included three demands, including banning the use of private jets and single-use plastics at Burning Man and for the organization’s leaders to “admit that infinite growth is incompatible with sustaining the Earth’s systems.”

With Burning Man widely being regarded as one of the largest collections of drugged-out creatives, tech billionaires, and bartering in a cashless society, their short-term way of life speaks to many of the dreams and desires of their attendees, but it isn’t the be all and end all of events that many would like it to be.

Many show up to document and record the fest but quickly find themselves getting lost in the giant encampment, as well as lost in the moment of everything that can happen. This means “accidentally” ingesting the acid-laced water instead of their bottled spring water. Smoking opium instead of their Native Pride cigarettes. Or even trading their case of homemade cupcakes for a plate of watermelon and acid.

For the Tribal police, they consider this land sacred. While they know people will pass through on their way to the event, they are happy to have them pass through and visit some of their shops and gas stations. While many leave trash behind, many others are more than happy to help clean up after their fellow festival goers, and they pick up the slack behind them.

Multiple reports of the protesters being tied to PETA, the Kennedy family, the Kardashians, and other organizations have come up, with many of them yet to be fully substantiated. What is known for certain is their affliction of getting them names in the paper for the cause. They try to blame the problems that arise from their protests on someone else and insist that because they are peaceful, they are not to be disturbed.

What they fail to realize is that even though they are “peaceful,” their ways are disastrous, and their ideology is doomed to fail. The American people know what these rat bastards are up to, and many are unwilling to stand by while they cause a problem just because they are peaceful.

Thankfully the Tribal police were there, and being on sovereign land, the normal US laws and regulations don’t apply to them. Maybe that’s more of what these protestors need, the same inconvenience they give everyone else expressed back to them in ways they can understand.