Despite the Lies the Left Wants You To Believe, Marines Did Not Take Out FEMA Aid in Maui

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Shortly after the fires spread on Maui, the mainstream media began their liberal campaigns to spread the message of what happened to the poor residents. Largely comprised of native Hawaiians, the area of Maui that went up in flames had been highly contested as many Democrat-supporting companies have been trying to take over the area.

In response to this crisis, the testimonies about disaster response and how so many families were caught off guard and trapped emerged. Stories of firemen helping families to escape and more about people getting caught in the flames persisted across social media. While many of them were sad, some were downright heroic.

Yet mixed in there were the stories of how horrifically the response was. Many detailed the lack of time it took, the horrific attitudes many displayed, and their five-star accommodations as those who lost everything were on cots in tent cities. Most surprisingly, though, were the stories of FEMA being mowed down by the United States Marine Corps.

In the detailed accounts, Marines were coming out of the treeline to sneak up on FEMA workers, and the Marines then chased down their mobile command center in HUMVEEs. At the end, one of the Marines takes down a helicopter with a grenade launcher.

This piece is from the satirical site Real Raw News. Listed with a disclaimer that the site contains “contains humor, parody, and satire,” people still have been swallowing the story whole. The fact of the matter is the USMC isn’t gunning down helicopters or attacking FEMA over Maui. Instead, they have been providing amazing logistical and movement support as directed.