Minnesota Nursing Home Had 10X More COVID Deaths After the Vaccine Rollout

Yuganov Konstantin / shutterstock.com
Yuganov Konstantin / shutterstock.com

Healthcare facilities have been disturbingly silent about how safe and 100% effective the COVID vaccines were. Nursing homes, in particular, should be bragging about how the safe and effective gene serums saved so many lives from the coronavirus. But they’re not bragging. All you hear is crickets, and they make no effort to release data that could clearly show the lifesaving effects of these shots. Now that a whistleblower has released before-and-after data in a Minnesota nursing home, it’s easier to understand why most people in the medical community are keeping their heads down and their mouths shut.

A whistleblower turned over documentation from the Apple Valley Village Health Care Center in Minnesota to Steve Kirsch. For those who are unfamiliar with Kirsch, he is a software developer, a philanthropist, and an all-around nice guy. When Kirsch was injured by the safe and effective COVID vaccine in early 2021, he went on a mission to expose the dangers of these shots, which the medical community, the CDC, the FDA, and the Biden regime were all lying about.

Kirsch has emerged as one of the most important voices in the country when it comes to debunking the “safe and effective” lies about these experimental medicines that they tried to force everyone to take. He frequently gets internal data from healthcare facilities and insiders who the Brought-to-You-by-Pfizer media won’t dare report on.

The whistleblower gave Kirsch the data on the number of COVID cases and deaths in 2020 and 2021 at the nursing home in Apple Valley. The data is absolutely shocking.

In 2020, before the COVID vaccines existed, the nursing home had 27 confirmed cases of COVID. None of the elderly patients died from COVID that year. Not a single one.

On December 28 and 29, 2020, they injected all 140 of the elderly residents with the government health juice. Five days later, the whistleblower and everyone else on holiday vacation were called back into the office. So many of the patients were dying suddenly that the employees needed to help with all the dead bodies.

In the three-week period in January, after they were injected, 40 out of 140 residents in the Apple Valley Village Health Care Center died. That’s 29% of the residents in just three weeks.

Prior to the rollout of the vaccines, they had 27 COVID cases and zero COVID deaths.

After the rollout of the vaccines, they had 90 cases of COVID and 28 COVID deaths. The other 12 deaths were not from COVID, but it’s odd that they all died within three weeks of being injected with the serum.

The result, according to the hard data, shows that more than 1 out of every 4 doses of COVID “vaccines” administered resulted in the elderly patient dying.

This is why you don’t hear nursing homes or hospitals bragging about what a wild success the COVID shots were. Everyone was told that in addition to the shots being safe and effective, you wouldn’t get COVID. You certainly wouldn’t die from COVID after being vaccinated because the shots are just so darned good at protecting everyone. Unless you were smart enough to skip the vaccine, in which case all the vaccinated people claimed that you were trying to murder them with COVID.

Not all nursing homes had such a high death rate after the vaccines, obviously. But the fact that this happened in even one facility proves that the null hypothesis about the vaccines (“COVID shots are safe”) is false.