Trump is Essentially a Rock Star

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All these indictments being brought against former President Donald Trump were supposed to be a bad thing, right? And yet, he’s never looked more like a rock star to most Americans.

Proof of this can be seen in a recent Sunday appearance at his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Given the recent legal woes, undoubtedly leveled at the 45th president in an attempt to bar him from ever holding office again, you’d think most voters, even the most conservative and Trump-loving, would now hesitate to throw their support around him.

But based on video after video and source after source, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Instead (and as you can see), he’s being showered in respect, appreciation, and fandom.

Take this video posted by Trump advisor Dan Scavino Jr., for example.

Furthermore, it should be noted that while the crowd clearly loves Trump and is eager to see him, meet him, and have him as our president again, the bigger response is one of pure patriotism. The crowd in the video isn’t chanting out Trump’s name, “Let’s go Brandon,” or even one of Trump’s catchy phrases or slogans.

Instead, they are yelling, “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A.”

This means they aren’t voting for or supporting Trump just because they like or even respect him. They are standing behind him because they see where this nation has gone with a man like Joe Biden at the helm, and they are growing increasingly concerned.

Naturally, they want a leader who can change that dangerous direction and start rebuilding America again. They want someone who will appreciate them, the everyday Americans Biden seems so hellbent on sweeping under the rug or throwing under the bus.

While Trump didn’t come from Biden’s “humble” beginnings, he still clearly understands that it is normal people – truck drivers, nurses, teachers, farmers, contractors, miners, etc. – that make this country grow and better. It’s not just the “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

No wonder he’s such a rock star, no matter how many indictments are thrown at him.