Iraq Has Had Enough With Tiptoeing Around the Issue, Renames “Homosexuality”

Christopher Ewing /
Christopher Ewing /

One thing the people of Iraq have always been good about is ensuring they are direct with what they want to say. On July 8th, the Communications and Media Commission (CMC) banned the use of the word “homosexuality.” Instead, the phrase “sexual deviance” is to be used. The word “gender” has also been banned, but no replacement for that has been made public.

When reached for comment, an Iraqi spokesman indicated that no punishment had yet been identified but indicated substantial fines were likely. Another official said that the news was premature and still needed to receive the last people to sign off on the idea. As it stands, gay sex is not “illegal” in Iraq. However, their morality clauses do make it legal to harass those known to be gay.

Amnesty International (AI) went on the offensive immediately following their announcement. A public and loud denouncement of the news was made. They believe it is an attack on their freedom of expression. They claimed it is a “dangerous move that can fuel discrimination and violent attacks against members of the LGBTI community.” Additionally, the ban on “gender” they considered a “callous disregard for combating gender-based violence at a time when civil society has been reporting an increase in crimes against women and girls.”

Unfortunately for AI, Iraq doesn’t have laws about freedom of expression. They don’t have the protections we have in the US. They are in a country that calls homosexuality the abomination and slight against God (or Allah) that it is. It’s about time the US gets on board with this as well. The more we keep morality and Jesus out of our lives, the more powerful the libtard Satanists become!!