Good News: High School Boys Are Trending Conservative

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Since liberals have a stranglehold on most institutions in the US today, they like to browbeat heritage Americans into thinking they’re winning. Most of the social science and talking points suggest that high school boys are good-thinking liberals and not bad-thinking conservatives. We have some good news to report, however. According to the latest Monitoring the Future survey, liberals have lost high school boys completely. They’re now trending much more conservative by 12th grade than liberals would like you to believe.

According to the annual survey of high school seniors, about 23% of boys now identify as “conservative” or “very conservative.” That’s slightly down from the 26% who identified the same way in 2020. By comparison, only 13% of high school boys since 2020 have identified as limp-wristed, soy-boy liberal dorks who will never kiss a girl.

Back in 2014, liberal boys in high school were evenly split between conservatives and wimpy failures at 19% each. But following the advent of Donald Trump’s epic election in 2016, more boys began recognizing the fact that it’s okay to be a MAGA “Chad” since that’s where all the fun in life happens.

Since we are delving deep into the science here, high school boys obviously realized during Trump’s presidency that liberal boys never kiss the most attractive girls, win at sports, or have fun. Who wants to be a dork like that?

The bad news in all of this is that young girls are trending to be much more liberal. Women in the 18- to 29-year-old demographic don’t seem to think it’s important to perpetuate the species or even their own family line. Therefore, they seem to be much more susceptible to the communist propaganda that they’re being fed in schools. This information is important for Gen X parents since it tells them where they need to redouble their efforts if they want to save America.