Popular Singer Taken to Hospital for Blood Clots Around Major Organs

MTX-design / shutterstock.com
MTX-design / shutterstock.com

Grammy Award winner and popular singer Tori Kelly was rushed to the hospital on Sunday after collapsing at a Los Angeles restaurant.

According to a source, TMZ reported that the singer had been complaining about a rapid heartbeat just prior to the incident. Soon afterward, she passed out. And apparently, she was out for a while.

Per the report, her friends did not call an ambulance to get her. Instead, to ensure she was treated at Cedars-Sinai and a downtown LA hospital, they picked her up, carried her to the car, and drove her there themselves.

Once at the hospital, doctors found several blood clots around a few major organs, including her lungs and some in her legs. Initial reports said medical experts were trying to see if more blood clots were surrounding Kelly’s heart.

As you can imagine, the whole incident is quite serious and will likely cause her music and upcoming events to be put on hold. Her latest EP was set to be released on July 28.

It is not yet known what caused the blood clots or how long it will be until she is recovered enough to presume to put out her music.