Wisconsin Man Killed for Having Tattoos by Christian Extremist

FXQuadro / shutterstock.com
FXQuadro / shutterstock.com

When 39-year-old Josh Davies took his wife out for a date night, they expected to have a quiet night out. Yet 64-year-old Kevin Sehmer made certain they would never forget going to that wine bar.

As Davies tried enjoying his night, Sehmer approached him and started making comments about his tattoos. Including telling him that he would go to hell for his ink. Despite his frequent verbal outbursts, Davies turned the other cheek. Even keeping to themselves, Sehmer would not relent, and Davies and his wife decided to move on with their night.

That’s when Sehmer decided to attack.

Shortly after leaving the bar, Sehmer punched Davies in the head, knocking Davies to the ground, where he hit his head on the pavement. The force of the blow fractured his skull and caused bleeding in the brain. This left Davies in a coma for nearly a month before his injuries ultimately claimed his life.

Davies’ sister Jamie spoke about what happened to her brother. “The suffering and pain that my brother endured for the last 26 days was not his fault. My brother never deserved this whatsoever. It was such a hateful, hateful thing for this man to do to my brother.”

Following his death, Sehmer found his aggravated battery charge amended to homicide. Rightly enough, his bond was revoked back and, in turn, raised from $1,500 to $100,000. No word on whether he has posted bond yet or if he remains locked up.

Sehmer is everything that is wrong with society today. Obviously a bit of a liberal, he believes he can start shaming and violently attacking people for not agreeing with him and condemning random strangers to hell. At least now he knows if he was right, he’ll have a chance to apologize when he turns up there.