Beware of This Sneaky Woke Prompt at the Grocery Store

Jacob Lund /
Jacob Lund /

It doesn’t take long to realize that the political left is trying to infiltrate just about every facet of our traditional American values. But it’s not just movies, sporting events, and the nightly news you have to watch for.

Now, that push to become more left-leaning might be in your local grocery.

Of course, it’s all made possible by the use of more and more self-checkout aisles. You might have noticed when you use one of these machines, you are often prompted or asked if you would like to donate to some cause or another near the end of your purchase. Some just ask if you’d like to round up to the nearest dollar, while others ask for more specific amounts.

I constantly see one from Riley, a somewhat local children’s hospital that doesn’t require patients to pay anything. Naturally, donating to them would ensure that care and treatment can be given to another child in need.

But at one store in Washington state, residents have noticed a prompt that doesn’t go to such a “good” cause.

Fox News reported that if you shop at Haggen, a smaller grocery chain owned by Albertson’s (the produce giant), you might be prompted to donate to “DEI awareness.” You are then given the option to donate $1, $3, $5, or another amount.

If you haven’t heard of DEI, it stands for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” Yes, the all-inclusive cry of the progressive left.

Sadly, you’d be surprised how many unknowing people donate to the cause, unaware of what the initials stand for or what the cause may actually be.

Additionally, images from Haggen consumers show that the chain also advertises for the Haggen Foundation, which you can also donate to. Now, to be clear, the Haggen Foundation donates to several well-meaning and what you might call genuine charities – you know, one’s like Riley and helping with cancer patients.

However, a simple search shows that they also support woke causes like the Northwest Justice Project, the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, and Empower Next Generations, all who advocate against “systemic oppression” and structural and racial inequities.”

So the next time you’re faced with a prompt at the register, beware of what they may be supporting before you donate without thinking.