Lesbians Kicked Out of Pride Parade for Insisting They Are Something Called ‘Women’

Shawn Goldberg / shutterstock.com
Shawn Goldberg / shutterstock.com

One of the most hilarious things in modern society to watch is when the cracks in the Democrat Party’s coalition of weirdoes start to show. The Ls, which is the very first group in the alphabet coalition, for example, are now taking serious heat from the Ts. Most lesbians are starting to notice that they’re being shoved aside by the transgenders, who snottily call them “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” or TERFs.

A lesbian advocacy group (because we totally need those in society) in France was just kicked out of their local Pride parade because they refuse to allow biological men in pantyhose to sign up as members. Bigots!

The group is called Femmes Entre Elles. They only advocate for issues related to biological females, which has now gotten them labeled as “transphobes.” The group’s name translates as “Women Among Themselves,” and in the 30 years they’ve been in existence, they have never allowed biological males to join. Femmes Entre Elles exclusively supports “women’s sex-based rights and the rights of lesbian women.”

On May 27th, the group received an email informing them that they should find something else to do with their time during the June Pride Parade in the town of Rennes. The letter explained that the decision was reached because Femmes Entre Elles does not allow mentally ill men who think they are women to join their ranks.

It’s hard not to laugh at the irony of this situation. Those of us who are old enough to remember the 1990s recall that there were debates in campus LGB clubs across the country over whether to let the Ts in. These were very real and frank discussions. Everyone understood that the Ts were suffering from a mental illness similar to schizophrenia and Tourette’s syndrome, and it was not controversial to say this out loud.

Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals may have abnormal preferences when it comes to sex partners, but each group understood that they were biological men and women and nothing else. They could have excluded the Ts when they had the chance.

But they didn’t, and now they’re reaping what they have sowed. As Ben Bartee at PJMedia notes, it was the feminists “who pioneered the concepts of ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ as social constructs with no grounding in biology, [and] birthed this transgender monster that has now taken over their political movement.”

The feminists also did their level best to eliminate nearly every all-male space and fraternal organization throughout the country. Clubs and organizations that used to be all-male have been beaten into submission by the lawfare system so that they are required to allow women members. What possible grounds could the Ls now claim to try to legally exclude the Ts from their all-female clubs? We warned the feminists that this day would come, but did they listen?

No. So now, Bill Thomas gets to walk around the girls’ locker room, flashing his erect penis in front of the women’s swim team and calling himself “Lia.”

Part of the reason why the Democrat Party’s coalition of kooks has held together so well is that they’ve been focusing so much racial hatred toward straight white males. But when they run out of reasons to hate whitey, what’s left? They have to turn inward and start attacking each other. If the Gs and the Bs are not willing to speak out on behalf of the Ls and continue to deny biological reality, the time will come when they get kicked out of the Pride parades as well. Normal people who tried to warn them will just be over here laughing when that happens.