NFL QB Faces Backlash After Checking Off “Bucket List” Item

Jeff Bukowski /
Jeff Bukowski /

I don’t care who you are; everyone has a bucket list of some sort. Unfortunately, one of NFL quarterback Carson Wentz’s bucket list items is not all that popular with some fans.

This became known recently when the former Philadelphia Eagle posted a picture of himself next to an Alaskan black bear on his Instagram account. And yes, the bear was dead.

Wentz explained in his post that he and his brother had just traveled to the largest state in the country to hunt such a beast, adding, “Incredible trip and an incredible animal.” According to the New York Post, it had always been something on his bucket list.

However, not all social media users who saw the post were very congratulatory or happy about Wentz’s success.

Instead, more than a few responded with some pretty nasty comments.

One said, “Hope next time bear wins and you lay down.” Another commented, “Incredible animal, so you kill it?? Makes sense.”

Still another, “That’s just awful! I can’t believe you killed a bear for sport. Changed my whole perspective of you.”

And the comments went on and on, insisting that Wentz was wrong for what he did and that “killing for fun” isn’t something a Christian like himself should be doing.

Now, we can’t say that all these naysayers are liberals. But I think we can agree that they certainly lean more toward the left regarding conservation.

For starters, they apparently have no real idea what conservation is and why it’s so crucial to our environment.

And secondly, as Christians, I think they skipped the verse in Genesis where God instructed Adam and Eve to “fill the earth and subdue it, having dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens and every living thing that moves on earth.” Genesis 1:28.

This means that God meant for mankind to regulate wild animals to ensure they prosper.

But as every real conservationist knows, that doesn’t mean just letting the populations do what they will. It means humans must manage them, keep populations in check, and ensure that they don’t eat themselves out of habitats or food sources.

And that’s exactly what Carson Wentz was doing. Good for him.