Giorgia Meloni Introduces Pro-Christian Policy

Zulkarnieiev Denis /
Zulkarnieiev Denis /

For a while, it seemed that Europe, like the US Congress, was leaning more and more toward the political left. But now, one woman is showing a change in the tides.

Enter Italy’s new and conservative Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

Not only did Meloni campaign on conservative promises, but now that she’s in office, she’s wasted little to no time acting on those vows.

One of her most recent acts has been to torch the United Nations for its increasingly leftward-leaning LGBT agenda.

If you hadn’t heard, the UN’s “independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity,” Victor Madrigal-Borloz, announced recently that religious freedoms take second place to the LGBT agenda.

He quite literally said that when religious freedom or belief conflicts with an LGBT “right,” the LGBT right should always win. According to him, the LGBT agenda is “beyond the score of the right freedom of religion or belief.”

Anyone saying this is rather terrifying. But when a leader of the UN is doing so, it’s definitely not a good sign.

Thankfully, Meloni is having none of it.

And so she’s calling out the UN for such a stance and promising to fight for religious freedoms.

“Religious freedom is not a second-class right. It is not a freedom that comes after others or can even be set aside for the benefit of new, so-called freedoms or rights.” She added, “Religious liberty is a natural right and precedes every judicial formulation because it is written in the heart of man.”

In Italy, she’s already pushed back on surrogacy for same-sex couples who want to have children. She’s also pledged to give more than ten million Euros to support Christians persecuted worldwide.

And that’s just the beginning.

Pretty soon, they’ll call her the Ron DeSantis of Europe, creating a Floridian-like freedom in Italy.

If only more world leaders would take a similar stance.