Fetterman Continues to Struggle Through the Simplest Words and Sentences

ZB Photos / shutterstock.com
ZB Photos / shutterstock.com

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has a rather big problem with getting less-than-capable people into office. And Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is living proof.

If you didn’t know, Fetterman actually suffered a stroke during his 2020 election campaign. As you can imagine, it’s left him with a few side effects.

One of which is that he continually fumbles over even the simplest of words and phrases, much like Joe Biden. Also, like Biden, it’s quite difficult to even understand his thought process much of the time.

The most recent evidence of this showed itself on Saturday during an appearance and short speech by Fetterman near the site of a collapsed Interstate 95 bridge in Philadelphia. Fetterman stood alongside Biden and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro to announce plans to rebuild the bridge.

But it only took a few words to see that Fetterman, as usual, isn’t up to the tasks his job requires.

Well, to be honest, even before you could hear the lawmaker, you could see his lack of capability. For starters, he arrived in a hoodie, shorts, and sneakers – for a meeting with the President of the United States and a public speech to the American people.

Talk about a lack of respect.

But then Fetterman was put in front of a microphone. And things got even worse.

It took him all of a few words to express his lack of public speaking skills and just a tad longer to prove he’s still having trouble saying some words and getting his point across, if he even has one.

The number of mispronounced words was nearly Biden-esque. And then he called Philly Representative Brendan Boyle “Congressman Boyle Bile.”

It’s noted that all of this came after an equally miserable appearance by Fetterman in a Senate hearing on Friday.

“Uh, no, I – uh, would just, um, really like to, you know – the 95, 95, 95. You know?”

I’m sorry, WHAT?

And we’re supposed to believe this guy is capable of creating new laws? Yeah, right.