Trans White House Flasher Expected Sponsorships for Flashing

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Among the numerous families, gay rights activists, and trailblazers for the LGBTQ community were numerous alt-left trans activists at the White House Pride celebration on June 10th. Among them was Rose Montoya. Getting banned from the White House following the flashing of his lab-created breasts wasn’t the only disappointing part of Pride for him.

Speaking with the Guardian, Montoya noticed a big rift in Pride 2023 versus other years when reflecting on the day with the New York Post. “I’ve spoken to a lot of my trans friends and colleagues, and we’ve all noticed less brands seeking partnerships and smaller budgets for Pride campaigns. It’s disappointing.” This might explain his push along with other trans activists to flash the cameras and make a big deal about themselves while still at the White House.

One group Montoya shouldn’t expect to reach out to anytime soon is Target. Marking a 40x increase from 2022, Target reported over 15,000 calls on social media for the company to be banned. Their attempts at forcing pride down the throats of regular Americans have been incredibly obvious from the displays at the front of their stores and the prominent inclusion of “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits with extra fabric to hide their male bits.

Brands like Target and Bud Light who endorsed Dylan Mulvaney back in April only to back off in more recent times are the kids Montoya avoids working with when he can. He wants to see their commitment to his cause year-round and not just try to be a part of his movement. The problem is the companies who can support him and the rest of his group aren’t pushing the LGBTQ agenda 365. They have other clients to worry about, and they are the primary focus.

Unfortunately for Montoya, the timeline for getting paid for his antics of flashing his chest stopped about 10 years ago. Unfortunately for him, the feds still consider it illegal to flash, even if he cries to the Post about it. “Going topless in DC is legal, and I fully support the movement to free the nipples. Why is my chest now deemed inappropriate or illegal when I show it off? However, before coming out as trans, it was not.”

His inability to understand the difference between federal and local laws is comical. First, his right to be topless in DC is a local law. Federal property deems women cannot be topless. If you want to be seen as a woman, then you need to understand that there are laws that come with that ability.

Secondly, it’s great that he supports the free-the-nipple movement. Unfortunately, until laws are changed, he still broke them. There are penalties to pay when you break the law, and responses to your attempts to be a crusader for a cause. This means if you want to take up this cause, get ready for the responses you might get.

Third, he’s right. It wasn’t inappropriate for him to show off his chest as a male. Unfortunately, when he took a nap and had a doctor shove saline or silicone into his chest, that changed the way the world sees his chest. It might not be fair to him, but it’s the reality of the situation. If he wants to walk around topless, there are topless resorts, or he can go back to being a man. Not much else in the way of options here.

This idea that the left can keep force-feeding the American people this poison and we will just sit there and take it is horrific. Instead, they need to grasp the concept that nobody cares about what they want to do in their private lives. If they want to condemn their souls to hell and ensure their failure to earn a seat in the kingdom, it’s their decision. It doesn’t mean we all have to agree with it or support it.