Former Secret Service Agent Expresses Concerns for Trump’s Safety

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

As a political commentator, you would expect Dan Bongino to remark on the 2024 presidential field, as well as make a few predictions about how it may turn out. But as a former police officer and secret service agent, he also has the unique ability to see much more than polling numbers and strategy.

And what he sees for former President Donald Trump is a growing threat to his physical safety.

As Bongino recently discussed on his Rumble show, the threats against Trump only seem to be growing, and not just here at home.

In fact, at the beginning of his show, he even implied that “there’s an expectation that Trump may not be here for the election.”

He noted that over the years, he’s been in a unique position to notice such threats, having served as a secret service agent from 1999 when Bill Clinton sat in the Oval Office all the way up to 2011, while Barack Obama held that seat.

As such, he knows all too well just what threats lie at the former president’s feet.

And no, we aren’t just talking about how much the political left hates Trump and would like nothing more than to create a situation in which he is no longer a threat to them.

As Bongino points out, we’re also talking about “the Iranian threat” and how much the Chinese Communist Party “doesn’t like him.”

While commander in chief, Donald Trump worked wonders to decrease Iranian power and cut their supplies – enough that their more radical sects may try to eliminate the looming possibility of another Trump presidency.

And, of course, it’s no secret that another four years with Trump as POTUS wouldn’t be good for the CCP.

It’s noted that these are just a few of the bigger names out to get Trump.

But as Bongino remarked, it’s not so far-fetched to imagine either of these nations teaming up with certain radical leftists in the US to physically go after the 45th president.

Especially when the latter has the power to “not give him the security detail he needs.” According to Bongino, it wouldn’t be inconceivable at this point that the DHS could hamstring his security in an attempt to make him look less presidential or different.

And that could lead to incredible safety concerns and a 2024 election that no longer included Trump. Let’s just hope Bongino’s fears don’t come true.