Woman Arrested for Hate Crime After Telling Huge Dude to Get Out of the Ladies’ Room

lunopark / shutterstock.com
lunopark / shutterstock.com

A Hispanic woman in New York is now having her life destroyed after an incident that took place in the ladies’ employee restroom at a New York City Transit station. She has been fired and charged with hate crimes for telling a hulking brute with his penis hanging out that he should not be using the women’s restroom.

Sonia Rivera was using the toilet in the employee restroom at a bus depot in the Bronx. She asked the person in the shower to please turn down their music because it was playing very loudly.

That’s when a gigantic transgender man who calls himself “Nana Mangual” stepped out of the shower with his penis flopping around and began recording Sonia with his phone as she was adjusting her pants. When she realized that the gargantuan transgender pervert was recording her, Sonia tried to slap the phone out of his hands and told him he shouldn’t be in the women’s bathroom.

Sonia may as well have kicked Nana right in “her” testicles, the way that she is now being treated over the incident. She’s been fired and arrested. As if women are supposed to be fine with hulking naked male strangers getting in their faces and taking pictures of them while they’re on the toilet.

Even as Sonia’s life is being ripped apart by New York City hate crime charges, the big naked dude is claiming to be the victim. He says he has PTSD because of Sonia, and he needs time off from work at MTA. He’s also complaining because the MTA won’t give him worker’s compensation to take time off after being traumatized by Sonia.

How much longer are we going to put up with this as a society? Because this can’t continue.