AZ Opens Pride Month With WHAT Themed All Ages Party

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The Tempe “Pride Party” on June 3rd at the Center Pointe Plaza was the city’s way of opening up pride month for all of Arizona and the world to see. Hosted by Downtown Tempe in conjunction with the City of Tempe, they had a real gay free-for-all.

With a flyer on Instagram reading, “All people and ages welcome,” the post also shared their excitement to get everyone they could to show up. “The countdown begins! Tomorrow we’re kicking off Pride Month with the FIRST Pride Party in Downtown Tempe!”

Kids of all ages showed up, and many were decked out in rainbow gear as picked out by their parents. The event was headlined by “RealXMan” who was freely singing about anal sex and getting straight men to convert to gay through sex. Along with his music were speeches and lines about people needing to vote for the Democrats. With booze seen flowing, host and local drag queen Barbara Seville served as the MC.

“It’s not too late to register for the next election and turn the tide of all of the hate, the anti-gay nonsense in the state House, the anti-gay nonsense in the Senate, the anti-gay nonsense in Florida, in the United States,” exclaimed Seville. “It’s insane!”

What Seville fails to see the insanity is what they are doing to these kids. This should not be an all-ages get-together. With free wellness exams, a silent disco (music-free drugs and sex area), and an after party at a well-known gay hookup, the Westin rooftop lounge, it was not a family-friendly day. Rather this was a poorly explained gay fiesta, and nobody with any sort of morality belonged to attend.