Idaho Liberals Punish HS Senior for Speaking the Truth About Gender

David Hsu /
David Hsu /

18-year-old Travis Lohr took advantage of a golden opportunity his school presented to him and other outgoing Seniors. The task? Give advice to the underclassmen of Kellog High School.

Going off script, Lohr simply said “Girls are girls, and guys are guys. There is no in-between.”

Leftist administrators were horrified at his honesty. Meanwhile, according to Lohr, he never directed it to anyone specific or any groups. It was a simple off-the-cuff statement, and the student body exploded with applause following his courage, to be honest.

School officials decided to prevent Lohr from walking across the stage at graduation to receive his diploma, rendering the decision on June 7th; the very day it happened. On the 2nd a group of over 100 people from across the school district and the town protested his ban from graduation, and yet the school has stood its ground.

Lohr spoke with Fox News Channel host Rachel Campos-Duffy on the June 4th “Fox & Friends” about the incident. “What I said I believe in, and I stand by it…I wasn’t able to walk at graduation. My offer to work for the forest service was rescinded.” He claimed he learned of the offer being removed when he showed up early on June 4th to finish some paperwork, only to be turned away.

In order to further block Lohr or others from showing up to graduation, the school district first claimed “safety concerns” would delay the graduation before quietly telling parents and graduating seniors a time and location. Holding this ceremony behind Lohr’s back is a clear-cut sign that the district knows what they did was wrong. Even more so, they are ashamed for being so cowardly. They should be ashamed and their leadership removed for censoring a student.