DeSantis Already Abandons FL As He Starts His Presidential Campaign

William Hunton /
William Hunton /

As many in the Trump camp predicted, Florida’s Governor Republican Ron DeSantis has already abandoned the Sunshine State to take his campaign for the 2024 Presidential election on the road, with his opening appearance coming in Iowa. Making his first stop on May 30th, DeSantis plans on hitting up 12 cities across three states in the week. Opening the day at a Des Moines megachurch, it will end at a racetrack in Cedar Rapids.

In addition to Iowa, DeSantis will also be visiting early primary hotspots, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

His campaign trail opening visit to the Eternity Church in Clive is his way of kissing the evangelical Christian ring. The group, whose influence extends deep into the state’s Republican caucuses, is well known for making or breaking many of the conservative electoral fates. It also signifies his commitment to keeping the true Christian values of the heartland inside his election.

DeSantis has a lot of work to do with Iowa after Trump’s 2016 campaign failed to materialize in the state quite the way it was expected to. It’s not a bad thing to have to change how the people of Iowa see the party, but it needs to be done carefully to not upset the balance that has been created.

By opting to prioritize the campaign above the needs of the people of Florida, many are already beginning to wonder if DeSantis should step down as Governor now that he has decided to run for office. Given how little is known about his Vice Governor, many wonder if they will be able to step into the tremendous shoes DeSantis has carved out for the position. It’s a far different office than it was back in 2018 when he first won the job.

Because of this, the state and its people need someone who can be dedicated to the position and the people of Florida. Not someone who is just swinging by for court-ordered weekends to make the state feel like he cares about them.