CA Teens Jump Marines Over Memorial Day Weekend – Watch!

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A trio of Marines from Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA were enjoying some off time in San Clemente when they encountered a mob of teens setting off fireworks on the beach. One of the victims Hunter Antonino told KCAL news about the incident.

According to the Marine, he only approached the group after a piece of firework debris hit him in the head. “They were being belligerent, they were being obnoxious and annoying other people, so I went up to them and told them to stop.”

He also said “We told them we were Marines so they would leave — but they didn’t. They just kept going at it.” Suddenly, the mob turned and chased the trio along the San Clemente Pier Bowl when one rushed forward and sucker punched Antonino in the back of the head. After a minor hesitation, he drops what he was holding and attacked back, sending the attacker to the ground.

With no hesitation, the mob swallows the trio and begins throwing punches, kicks, and knees before each of the Marines ended up on the ground covering their heads with their arms and hands. At least one Marine and one of his friends were captured on the various videos of the incident as they were attacked.

Here’s one such video – and prepare yourself, it’s not for the faint of heart:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department initially listed the attack as having 10-20 attackers, but the footage ultimately proved that number to be severely under-reported. According to SGT Frank Gonzalez, the department is relentless in its pursuit of the attackers, and they will pursue charges, even if the Marines are not inclined to press them. Ultimately, they will be facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon due to the sheer number of attackers in this incident.

While the trio was beaten rather fiercely, all three declined treatments, opting to instead head back to base, with at least Antonino fearful he may have suffered a concussion.