Biden Once Again Tries to Claim a Trump Triumph as His Own

lev radin /
lev radin /

As you probably know, Democratic President Joe Biden is no stranger to lies. In fact, he’s quite well-known for them at this point. Of course, his most recent once again tries to claim something former President Donald Trump did as his own.

It happened Sunday when Biden was in Hiroshima, Japan, for the G7 Summit. And as usual, it took him all of a few minutes to start lying, this time on an international stage.

He began to talk about an organization called “The Quad.”

If you haven’t heard of it, its members are national leaders from the US, Japan, Australia, and India. The basic idea is for the four nations to consult each other and be in sync about happenings in the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea regions.

And apparently, Biden thinks he created it.

He said, “I doubt many people in this audience or any other audience would’ve said that two years after being elected, I’d be able to convince India, Australia, Japan, and the United States to form an organization called ‘the Quad’ to maintain stability in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.”

To be clear, no one could have foreseen that because Sleepy Joe had nothing to do with it.

As RNC Research pointed out, “The Quad was re-established in 2017 under President Trump.”

So not only did it not happen under Biden’s watch, but it didn’t involve him at all.

Any legitimate history search will tell you that.

According to records, the group was actually first begun in 2007, under the Bush administration. At the time, then-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe brought together Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and US Vice President Dick Cheney to discuss security concerns in the region.

They met a few times over the years to keep the peace and keep the other nations apprised of what was happening. But it was never a regularly scheduled thing. Then the group kind of died out when Howard left the PM office in Australia.

However, as RNC Research noted, Trump reinitiated it while in office, making it more official, given the growing tensions with China.

So, no. Joe Biden had nothing to do with it. Not in the least. It’s just another lie in a long string of them.