MSM in Full Melt Down After Tucker’s Big Announcement   

Corine Sciboz /
Corine Sciboz /

Been wondering what’s in store next for former Fox News host Tucker Carlson? Well, he’s finally made a decision – and it’s rocking the media industry.

If you’ve been living anywhere but under a rock for the last few weeks, you know that Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’ number one rated show and fan favorite of the political right, was fired from the network recently.

Since then, everyone and their mother has wondered what he will do next. I mean, a man like him, still in his prime and with millions of fans, only has a whole slew of opportunities at his feet.

He could join a competing network. He could moderate a GOP debate. He could even run for president.

As I said, the options are endless.

But on Tuesday, he made an announcement letting us all in on just what his future would look like. Unsurprisingly, he’ll be launching his very own show.

The more shocking part of it is that it will be on Twitter.

Yep, you read that right. Carlson is staying committed to bringing you the news, conservative-based news, that is. It will be done on a platform where 1) his audience can immediately interact with him and 2) there’s no one but him to call the shots.

Naturally, this is big news for Twitter and its newly installed leader Elon Musk, potentially bringing in millions more viewers, users, and subscribers.

But Musk has made one thing very clear: Carlson won’t be given any kind of special treatment. If he wants to host a show on the network, that’s fine. Musk doesn’t have a problem with it, just as long as Carlson adheres to the same rules and regulations that all other Twitter users are subject to.

Ok, that doesn’t seem like it should be a problem, right? I mean, Carlson himself is a big promoter of truth and equal treatment, so it would only stand to reason that we shouldn’t be expecting lies and no fact-checks from him.

Of course, mainstream media isn’t so sure.

In fact, most outlets are currently freaking out about the whole situation. Most have, in true liberal fashion, insisted that such a move will be the end of Twitter and Musk.

Business Insider wrote, “Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show could spell doom for Elon Musk.”

Semafor referred to the new show as a “death knell” for Twitter, claiming that advertisers won’t like being associated with the likes of Tucker Carlson, and it will end up costing the company.

The New Republic is even already calling Carlson’s show “racist,” despite not one single episode having been aired yet.

And, of course, Bloomberg has jumped in, claiming that Twitter now leans to the right and isn’t unbiased anymore.

The New York Times asks whether or not Tucker Carlson is “Too Hot for Twitter to Handle.”

As I said, they’re freaking out.

And why? Well, because despite their claims that this will be a massive failure on both Tucker’s and Twitter’s part, it could be a success.

How long have you and I known that there is an immense problem with our media industries, namely mainstream and establishment media?

These are companies owned by certain people with certain beliefs and ideals. And so those ideologies and agenda items usually get pushed onto their audiences, the American people, with little thought as to whether or not it’s actual news anymore or even how many people will agree with them.

A show on Twitter, though? It could transform the entire idea of media in this country. On that platform, Tucker can give the news, speak his mind, and still interact with the audience, making it the place where discussions on cultural issues and societal ills are debated.

So, yeah, of course, MSM is freaking out. And they should be.

If Tucker is successful in this endeavor, it could put networks like Fox, NBC, etc., effectively out of business. And all because he’s not telling the audience what he wants them to hear.