The World Is Tired of Vladimir Putin…Now What?

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Yes, it’s another article about Putin. And if you’re tired of hearing about him, join the club.

Now, it’s important to note that Newsbreak has shared reports that Vladimir Putin is fighting cancer. The Russian president is beginning to draw attention to himself because he is presenting himself in public. Each time the man appears in public, people see how he looks sick.

Putin’s lust for power and domination has earned him the hatred and disdain of the world’s powers. He has threatened countless people and murdered even more. The invasion of Ukraine was just the first step of many he is taking to restore the greatness that Russia once had under communism.

The report that Newsbreak found also showed that the Russian president was the target of an assassination attempt. People are sick and tired of how he keeps murdering people and destroying the livelihood of those around him that one was willing to attempt to take his life. The consequences of evil actions are real. Putin has made a lot of enemies that he must now fight. And he must also fight his ailing body. He is waging war on multiple fronts.

One senior intelligence officer stated that Putin’s grip is firm but no longer absolute. “The jockeying inside the Kremlin has never been more intense during his rule, everyone sensing that the end is near.” The war in Ukraine will only continue as long as Putin lives, and that is why an assassination attempt was made on his life.

Intelligence reports also point out that Putin isolates himself to hide his current condition. Newsbreak also reported that another source from the Defense Intelligence Agency noted that “What we know is that there is an iceberg out there, albeit one covered in fog. Putin has had few meetings with foreign leaders. Putin’s isolation has thus increased levels of speculation.”

Vladimir Putin is reportedly on the brink of death. Another intelligence officer noted that Putin appears to be losing the ability to see and has a short time to live. The Russian ruler knows that his time is short, and that explains the extreme measures that he is willing to take to finish his quest for power and dominance.

Other media outlets point to the possibility that Putin has become paranoid and delusional. He needs and desires to increase his power to the point that no other force can stand before him. His current health makes him a prime candidate for making illogical decisions and moves concerning the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin has been planning the war for a long time. He amassed his troops on the Ukraine border long before the order to invade was given. He insanely tried to justify his actions by claiming the Ukrainian people were seeking to invade the Russian people and use horrible weapons against them. Putin insisted that the invasion was a first strike to stop a war from developing.

The Russian president continues to make irrational decisions regarding the war and how he presents himself to the world.

The Russian leader does not shake hands and reacts coldly to people he comes in contact with. He cannot risk any more failures in the battles he is facing.

The Russian president thinks of himself as a person who cannot be stopped. He keeps pushing a war that he has already started to lose. The Ukrainian people have put up a fight that he did not expect.

Joe Biden and the western leaders could have done a lot more to help the people of Ukraine. Biden could have taken a more aggressive posture against Putin and his administration. But Biden supports the Russian people. His support of the Russian energy pipeline expansion and refusal to speak out against Putin’s actions prove how much he supports Russian expansion.

The question is, how much more Putin do we have to put up with?