Liberals Refuse To Acknowledge How Florida Got Things Right With Gun Reform

Sean Pavone /

Liberals are so firmly cemented in their ways that they’ve developed the habit of tuning out all things conservative. They know what those gun-slinging Republicans are all about and they don’t want to hear it. But if they were to take just one moment to open their closed-door minds they’d find some likenesses, especially on the blazing hot topic of gun reform.

Most Democrats disagree with melting down every firearm in America. It would mean they’d have to give theirs up. They want tighter measures for determining who’s okay to own one and who isn’t. Sure, they want to permanently ban assault rifles of all types, but outside of that they just want to toughen up the rules. Hmmm… How can they accomplish such a thing?

Here’s a suggestion. They need look no further than Florida, sometimes known as the “Gunshine” state, to find the single-most conservative state in the country is kinda sorta on the same page as them. The only real difference is that Florida is taking action while the libs are still blowing hot air and accomplishing nothing.

Florida has this thing called the “Red Flag” law. Only three weeks following the massacre of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, then-Gov. Rick Scott, a staunch Republican, instituted a massive gun reform package in the state. Interestingly, the package met no resistance from his loyal, equally as staunch, conservative voters who backed it all the way.

Twice a week, violators of gun laws in Hillsborough County are paraded before 13th Circuit Court Judge Denise Pomponio. The buck stops in her courtroom where she makes the sole first and final decision concerning who gets their gun rights permanently yanked, and who gets to keep them. Appeals are forbidden by law. The same scenario takes place in every county with a different judge presiding.

Over the previous two months, Pomponio has taken privileges away from an angry father who threatened to “shoot everyone” at his kid’s school, a woman who accidentally shot her boyfriend who was trying to stop her from putting a bullet in her own head, and a grieving father over the loss of a family member who blew off steam by firing his pistol in the air from the middle of his street, among dozens of others.

The worst offenses the judge has seen have been among children with guns or threatening gun violence. A bullied 13-year-old was overheard telling another kid, “If all of {sic} 8th grade is missing tomorrow you will know why.” His gun rights have been revoked for life.

For those unaware, Florida is not listed among the top 10 states for gun violence or violent crimes of any nature. Nor is it even in the top 20. Why? Because when they see or predict a problem with gun ownership, they don’t mess around.

What they don’t do is threaten the rights of every legal and responsible gun owner in the state who bears no responsibility for the actions of the small per capita minority who are considered a danger to society. They don’t use the one bad apple principle.

What Florida is doing works. The state has reduced gun violence, once again, thanks to the Republicans in charge. All it would require of any liberal voter would be a brief moment of their time to understand that nobody, Republican or Democrat, want’s to see America’s children gunned down in cold blood. How foolish of anyone to assume such a horrid thing.

An issue such as this requires the type of compromise that liberals might actually be willing to make. But first, they need to be willing to admit that a Republican state did something right so don’t go holding your breath… They’d rather die than admit that.