Office of Environmental Justice Created Because Biden Can’t Find Anything Else to Do

Nicoleta Ionescu /

Joe Biden is failing as president. As is his Vice President, Kamala Harris. Really, it’s the entire administration, but let’s focus solely on the Biden-Harris ticket since those are the two who managed to get into office.

Their approval ratings are abysmal. They’re so low that it’s a surprise that they haven’t been booted by their own party. That probably would have already happened, except that the power-hungry Nancy Pelosi has actually said that she has no desire to be president. Perhaps if there were someone younger and more scheming as Speaker of the House, things would be different.

There are plenty of problems for Biden and Harris to work on.

Gas prices. Inflation. The border crisis. Safety in schools. Drug overdoses. The list goes on and on.

The head Democrats in charge turn a blind eye to the real issues. They don’t want to focus on anything that is a concern to the American people. So, they’ll make up issues that they think are important so that they can look busy.

And that’s how we ended up with the Office of Environmental Justice.

Right about now, you might be wondering how the environment may need justice – and that’s just the thing. It doesn’t. But we’ll tell you what this office does. And then you can have a good laugh while you sip your morning coffee.

The Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) will report to the Department of Health and Human Services and be a part of the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity.

At first glance, the OEJ sounds like it should be a part of the EPA or perhaps even the Department of Justice. Yet, the fact that it’s part of the HHS makes it all that much more concerning.

And let’s not forget that the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity is another one of Biden’s creations, all to stop global warming. Because apparently, Biden is delusional enough to believe that creating an office will magically allow that to happen.

Xavier Becerra, the Secretary of HHS, tries to explain the importance of this new office: “The blunt truth is that many communities across our nation – particularly low-income communities and communities of color – continue to bear the brunt of pollution from industrial development, poor land use decisions, transportation, and trade corridors. Meeting the needs of these communities requires our focused attention.”

It’s clear that Becerra nor anyone else in the Biden administration gets out a lot. Look through any major community regardless of whether it’s Black or white and you’ll find that there are poor land-use decisions, it’s too close to a major interstate, or there’s pollution.

It’s part of development. It’s bound to happen everywhere because it’s known as progress.

The new office, apparently, will be responsible for delivering clean air and water to all communities.

Hmmm….so will they be starting with the residents of Michigan to get rid of the lead in their water or the residents of New Mexico who have ash from the wildfires in their water supplies?

Oh, well…it’s not that kind of office.

This office is all about confronting environmental injustice according to Brenda Mallory, the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

You know, because the environment is just as racist as we are.

This is just another way to divert funds away from all Americans so that a select few can be taken care of – all in the name of injustice.

Now, this was all done without the Build Back Better plan being passed. Just imagine how much more liberal nonsense will come about if the bill ever gets passed.