NRA Shrinking in the Face of Liberal Politics and Wokeism

Keith Homan /

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the biggest contributors to keeping America the beacon of freedom that it’s world-renowned for. From campaign donations to keeping America out of the hands of liberals, to offering scholarship opportunities for kids on trap and skeet shooting teams, the NRA is an organization built for Americans to thrive under.

Going into its 151st year of existence, when the NRA was first introduced its main goal was to provide education for the public about gun safety and keeping weapons in the hands of the right people, and out of the wrong. Now, the tide has shifted, and they are spending more time and money on fighting overreaching gun laws that politicians come up with in the aftermath of another shooting death.

From 2016 to 2020 the NRA’s revenue dropped by 23%. From $367 million in 2016 to $282 million in 2020, this loss is compounded by a 15% drop in contributions and grants from members and corporations during the same time frame.

After swelling to five million members in 2013, they proclaimed that they would double that figure to 10 million. In 2018, their membership had grown to 6 million, where they started their decline in membership. Currently, they are estimated to have 4.9 million members, many of whom are not very active with the organization. Some of this number is also made up by the organization’s “for life” members. Some of these people became members as grandkids to patriots.

Now, with the liberals injecting their policies and thoughts on how to fix America everywhere, the people aren’t wanting to be a part of the NRA. Rather than finding target shooting, clay pigeons, and gun lanes fun and stress relieving, they are under the belief that guns put everyone in danger and have no use. They have failed to recognize them as a tool, and instead treat them as if they are the human being responsible for their use.

The wokeism is inflicting kids younger and younger each day. From parents who lie about cute things their kids ‘say’ to kids parroting their parent’s woke mindset, they are missing out on learning and experiencing how to think for themselves. The NRA has always been an organization to encourages thinking and talking about things. In finding creative solutions for the problem.

Now with all the lawsuits, new versions of gun laws that do nothing to prevent crimes, and poor responses to shootings, the NRA is losing its strength in America. As much as the left likes to claim the NRA is buying off politicians, the fact of the matter is many of the same politicians the NRA stands behind are on the right.

They already have a relationship with firearms that was engrained in them by their families and friends. Putting down lead over the back of an old bird dog is second nature to them. They aren’t getting campaign donations from the NRA because they can be bought. They are getting them because they are the type of people that make up the NRA.

With memberships and revenues going down, the NRA is doing its best to try to attract new members. With the crimes increasing like they have and coupled with the media’s anti-gun slant, it’s no wonder they are having problems getting new members. Add in the lawsuits they face simply for existing in places where hate crimes and gun violence have occurred, and it becomes more surprising that they are still around.

At this point, maybe we need less anti-gun rhetoric and ignorant gun laws that do nothing. Instead, we should try more NRA and more gun-friendly policies. People are less likely to charge a building they know has people armed to defend themselves. When’s the last time you heard of someone robbing a gun shop while they were open?