Who Took Cops Out of Schools? Oh, Yeah, The Democrats…

Kate Way / shutterstock.com

As you can imagine, gun safety and school shootings are just about all that everyone is talking about these days – and for good reason. Losing even one child, let alone 18 and two adults, in this fashion is far too much.

But, of course, the predictable political left is going about it all wrong, as usual. Naturally, they are calling for more gun control and fewer Second Amendment rights.

There’s just one thing I find extremely interesting in all this. And that’s that those who are right now some of the loudest voices for supposedly protecting our children and ensuring that events like what happened in Uvalde, Texas, earlier in the week never happen again, are also the same voices who so loudly and proudly tried to take our methods of protecting those same kids away just a short time ago.

If you remember, the summer of 2020 and the unfortunate death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while under police custody, resulted in a very national discussion on policing and how it should be done in our country. For many on the left side of the aisle, the solution was to simply do away with police altogether.

So they defunded police, they restricted their movements, and they cut departments and police forces down considerably.

Additionally, a few in Congress moved to have police removed from schools and school campuses.

At the time, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut, Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts came together to forge a bill that would do just that.

They called it the Counseling, not Criminalization in Schools Act, which sought to replace on-duty police officers and armed security guards with more gentile and supposedly unbiased counterparts, such as social workers and school counselors.

As with most of their other efforts, this would be done by defunding the police in this area. If passed, federal funding for schools would no longer be allowed to support police officers being on school premises.

Of course, the whole idea was to appease those on the far left reaches of their party, namely the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter. And for the most part, the foursome did their job, the plan was proposed, a discussion took place, and many schools around the nation began dropping officers right and left, despite the bill not actually being passed.

Now, the latter bit should tell you something about just how incompetent the Democratic Party is as of right now. I mean, they have had control of the White House and both legislative houses for two years now, and still, the bill sits with too much opposition to pass.

But I digress…

Like I said, just having the idea out there was enough for some areas and schools.

As Murphy said, “Police shouldn’t be in schools. There are plenty of better ways to ensure that our schools are safe places to learn and Congress needs to understand how police in schools ends up with the wrong kids getting arrested for minor disciplinary actions and resources being drained from more effective programs.”

Oh, you mean, like how Nicolas Cruz of Broward County, Florida, could have been arrested for “minor” criminal acts and possibly deterred from shooting up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, but wasn’t?

Or maybe how police being more present on the grounds of Robb Elementary on Tuesday could have stopped so much loss from occurring…

Now, to be clear, that isn’t to say that police weren’t completely missing from the Uvalde shooting. When 18-year-old Salvador Ramos approached the school, he was met by a school resource officer, who was promptly shot. Two Uvalde police officers were also able to respond quickly but unfortunately had little to no effect on Ramos’ actions within the school.

And naturally, those like Omar are using this as proof that police in schools don’t do a lick of good.

But what if an officer or two had been inside the school? Besides, as anyone knows, officers can be as much of a deterrent to crime as they are to punish it, just like my ADT home security sign in the yard.

Omar, Warren, and Murphy would rather our kids be left to defend themselves rather than have paid for protection. Tell me how that makes any sense at all.