How is the New Press Secretary Doing? Well, Not Good

lev radin /

Karine Jean-Pierre has officially replaced Jen Psaki. It’s as if the parting wisdom given from one press secretary to another was “When in doubt, say nothing.” And Jean-Pierre has already decided to give this a try.

Peter Doocy was the one to stump the new press secretary with a question that, honestly, she should have seen coming.

He asked about one of Biden’s latest tweets. If you’re on Twitter, you should know the one we’re talking about. The one where Biden insists that if corporations pay their fair share of taxes, inflation could be addressed.

Doocy has just one question – how? How do corporate taxes affect inflation?

Jean-Pierre looks like a deer in the headlights. First, she claims she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That is a big problem if she can’t even keep up with the tweets that her boss is sending.

The press secretary recycled some garbage about what Biden is trying to do in order to help America. She regurgitated a bit of BS on Doocy, saying, “Look, you know, we have talked about — we have talked about this this past year, about making sure that the wealthiest among us are paying their fair share. And that is important to do. And that is something that, you know, the president has been, you know, working on every day when we talk about inflation and lowering costs.”

Note that she didn’t answer the question. Doocy noticed, too, which is why he asked her again about how raising taxes for corporations will lower the cost of anything, including used cars, food, and gas – primary concerns for the average American right now.

Jean-Pierre is either being paid to dodge questions or she has no idea what she is doing. Considering some of the questionable hiring being done at the White House, it’s likely a combination of the two. She began talking about a little bit of everything from the Democratic Party, even bringing up climate change and collective bargaining rights.

Doocy was growing frustrated because he and everyone in the room knew that she still wasn’t answering his question.

The news correspondent attempted the question for a third time. For good measure, he added how Jeff Bezos even criticized the tweet that Biden sent out.

Perhaps Doocy gave her an out on the third attempt because he mentioned Bezos. It gave Jean-Pierre the opportunity to talk about Bezos as one of the wealthiest individuals and how it’s not right that he’s not paying his fair share.

Doocy didn’t even bother to ask a fourth time because he knew that the press secretary was way over his head.

This tells us everything we need to know about the White House. They’ll say and do whatever they want. And when we try to get to the bottom of it by asking the press secretary what is going on, we’re just going to get the runaround.

Jean-Pierre is worse than Psaki. At least Psaki would answer most questions, even if she did douse all of her responses with a healthy amount of sarcasm. Jean-Pierre can’t even understand the question let alone provide a reasonable answer.

Since she can’t provide an answer, Larry Summers, the former Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton, decided to offer an explanation. Summers has been highly critical of Biden from the beginning but actually agrees with how corporate taxes could help inflation.

He tweeted that “It is perfectly reasonable to believe, as I do and @POTUS asserts, that we should raise taxes to reduce demand to contain inflation and that the increases should be as progressive as possible.”

Summers’ only redeeming quality is that he has also argued that “excessively expansionary macro policy from the @federalreserve and the government have contributed to inflation.”

So, basically, the government caused the inflation and, now, they expect the corporations to bail them out. It would have been nice for Jean-Pierre to at least admit that was their plan.

If she’s planning on sticking around, we’re going to need to get used to more runarounds than ever…