Biden Demands Taxpayers Payoff Student Loans, Even for People with High Paying Jobs

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The vast majority of student loan holders agree that they are responsible for paying back the money they borrowed to attend higher education. But Joe Biden has a different idea that will destroy the concept of responsibility and further divide the country. Biden’s wacky idea is to force taxpayers to pay for the student loans acquired by doctors and lawyers so that they could attend expensive schools instead of attending a regular trade school.

The president’s claim to fame is high inflation. He has seen to it personally to cause prices to rise and shelves to stay empty. His socialist-marked regulations and cruddy bills have only added to the problem. And now, the senile man wants to force the struggling class of people to pay for the loans that the elite has borrowed to attend schools that gave them an education that allows them to earn massive amounts of money.

The Daily Wire reported that the president is revisiting the idea of loan forgiveness. The Wire reported, “President Biden and his defenders think money can be willed in and out of existence. They’re wrong, no matter what the economists say. Debts have to be paid, and if the hundreds of billions of dollars that students owe to the government are not paid by their borrowers, the burden of payment will fall on all American taxpayers.”

Biden thinks that money grows on the trees because he is handing it out like it is going out of style. The COVID-19 pandemic gave him the avenue to flood the economy with cash which has helped inflation take off to new heights. His idea of loan forgiveness will only add to the horrible inflation rate and force people to pay off debts that they did not agree to borrow.

The Daily Wire also reported that “Forgiving debt would take money from working Americans who have already paid off student loans—or who chose not to go to college to conserve their finances—and give it to America’s most privileged. For an administration so concerned with ‘equity,’ that is a shockingly inequitable proposal.”

Biden claims that he wants to make life fair for everyone. His belief in a fair America sits at the heart of socialism. But forcing people that did not attend college or higher education to pay off the loans from people that did is pure insanity.

The entire concept of a student loan is ridiculous. The federal government pays for students to attend college and then charges interest until the loans are paid off. The government has become a federal bank earning money on the loans it issues to borrowers. That concept is against everything that the Constitution stands for and defines what the government is supposed to be in existence for. The government is to protect the people and provide an environment where the people can prosper.

Young people all across the country are burdened with student loans. They struggle to pay them off once they leave the college campus. Each borrower senses their responsibility to pay off those loans they took out in good faith. But the Democrats seek to distort that concept by forcing others to pay the loans back. The liberal mindset is that they believe somehow, they are entitled to the prosperity that another person has built for themselves. But that is nothing more than a socialist ideology.

Every step the president takes is a step towards socialism. Free education is just the first step of many that must be taken to destroy a Democracy. Biden will eventually have no choice but to offer free healthcare and childcare to every American. Once a nation starts down the path of free stuff, that expectation and desire will only grow until the country fails.

The only way to keep America growing and prospering is to reinstate the American Dream concept in the heart of every citizen. They must be taught that they have a chance at a prosperous life if they’re willing to work hard. Donald Trump had the right idea, and it was working until a Democrat showed up and ruined everything.