Signatures on Ballots? Liberals in Georgia Claim It’s Racist

Juli Hansen /

The Democratic Party loves to say that election fraud is almost nonexistent. They believe that the 2020 presidential election was won fairly – even though no one wanted to see Joe Biden become their president because he was too old, too white, and too mentally incompetent.

Now, Georgia is looking to secure elections to ensure that there isn’t any fraud. And one of the requests is simple – sign the ballot. Signatures help to make sure that everything is on the up and up.

Oh, but Democrats hate that. The presence of a signature is – wait for it – racist.

Seriously. Asking someone to pick up a pen and sign the ballot that they just filled out is being identified as racist.

And yes, this tactic is starting to get old. Democrats believe that they can simply yell “racist” at anything that they don’t like.

There’s a new lawsuit in place against the Georgia State Elections Board. When you hear how various groups are in a complete uproar, you assume that there’s something sketchy going on.

Here’s what the Elections Board requires: absentee ballots are filled out by the voter, submitted with a written signature, and submitted by the deadline date. That sounds easy enough, right?

Well, Marc Elias, a known Democrat who loves to throw legal wrenches into the works is helping to file the lawsuit along with the Georgia Alliance of Retired Americans, a coalition of, and Priorities USA.

The lawsuit is asking this: “Can the State of Georgia use arcane rules and administrative traps to deny absentee ballots to eligible voters?”

This is a non-issue when you think about it. Anyone who does not wish to visit a polling station or is unable to for one reason or another can get their hands on a paper ballot. They fill it out, sign it, and send it in by the deadline.

Ahh, but the Democrats don’t like that because it prohibits the use of online submission and a digital signature. This method can result in submitting ballots in bulk and using other nefarious ways to taint the election.

The reality is that the Georgia State Elections Board isn’t requiring anything that creates an inequity. Write your name on the ballot and sign at the bottom. What is the problem?

The Democrats make it sound as though the state is asking for something difficult to obtain. It just makes it harder for them to cheat – and that’s why they’re really angry.

Guy Cecil, the Chairman of Priorities USA tries to explain how this is racist and is being used to suppress voting rights, but it will leave you scratching your head. “The requirement of a ‘wet signature’ on an absentee ballot application simply creates a pretext to unfairly disqualify voters, particularly Black and brown voters, from their constitutional right to vote.”

Confused? Yeah, so are we. It’s almost as if Priorities USA is saying that Black and brown voters are incapable of signing a document or adhering to a deadline.

If a person is unable to sign a document, it would determine that they are not qualified to vote.

The liberals can use all of the buzzwords they want, but this argument is getting old. The reality is that minorities have no issue with voter integrity measures. The liberals simply want to drag them into the argument so that they have the means to cheat.

If you were to go out into the rural communities of Georgia and ask people if they can sign their names, the answer would be a resounding “Yes.” The same goes for meeting deadlines. So, it means that their argument is not only null and void but also insulting to every Black and brown voter out there.