Stacey Abrams Needs to Brace for a Second Loss in Georgia

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Stacey Abrams is a loud-mouthed politician who is in the middle of her second attempt to become the governor of Georgia. She was too prideful to realize that the people of the state didn’t want her style of democracy the first time around.

Rather than accepting that she’s too liberal for the people of the south, she shouted from the rooftops that the election was stolen. When the rest of the Democratic Party says that election fraud doesn’t happen, Abrams is the opposing voice. It’s why she doesn’t have many supporters, including people who are willing to endorse her.

Now, the polls have shown that it’s not just because Abrams is a Democrat. She’s going to lose her second gubernatorial race for a very different reason – she’s too progressive.

Georgians actually like some Democrats – and that’s obvious based on how Senator Raphael Warnock is doing in his reelection campaign. In some of the new polls, Warnock is leading his GOP opponent Herschel Walker by as many as five points.

If Georgians were going to vote across the board with a Democratic slant, the same polls would show that Abrams has a five-point lead over incumbent GOP governor Brian Kemp. That’s actually not the case. Rather, Kemp is leading by those five points.

An election analyst from Split Ticket, Lakshya Jain, offers an explanation. “Abrams under-runs Warnock in basically every single one of these suburbs and we see it in every single poll. It has to do with the fact that he’s viewed as less extreme by the electorate less liberal … and the fact that … he’s not running against an incumbent.”

In the event that Warnock wins and Herschel doesn’t, it will prove that Georgians are voting similarly to the way that they are polled. And if at least some Democrats win the elections, it would be very hard for Abrams to stomp her feet and complain about the way in which the elections were run.

Abrams was extremely loud about how “unfair” the elections were in Georgia – and that didn’t sit well with a number of people, particularly in some of the suburbs.

There’s another reason why people don’t like her. She’s become a national figure instead of a state one. The Associated Press reported that her net worth has risen from $109,000 to $3.17 million – and that means that a lot of people view her as a politician who is in it for the money. When we see so many other politicians who are hated because of their net worth (Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are first to come to mind), it’s easy to see why people aren’t big on getting Abrams into office. Even if voters don’t say it out loud, they’re likely wondering how she’ll pocket money and put lobbyist wants above Georgians’ needs.

Jain also pointed out that Abrams “Doesn’t get as much of the white vote as you need” to get a win in Georgia. Ideally, at least 30% of the white vote needs to be acquired, and Abrams is sitting somewhere in the 20s.

Brian Kemp has become a relatively popular governor. People would rather stick with him than go with a wild card – and as much as she doesn’t want to admit it, Abrams has most certainly become the wild card within the gubernatorial election.

Unless she gets some major endorsements under her belt, she should start practicing her concession speech now.