Newsom’s Not Really in Charge of California, as Gas Tax Hike Proves

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We always think of the governor as the one who is in charge of the state. They sign the laws into being, and they decide what is best for the people. That’s certainly the case in many states, including both Florida and Texas.

As we look at what’s happening in California, we realize that Governor Newsom is only along for the ride. What he wants and what actually takes place are two different things – and Californians are having to pay quite the hefty price because of this discord.

If you’re not already aware, most people in California are paying at least $5.50 a gallon for gas – and in some areas, the cost is well over $6. It’s expensive – and it’s not going to be getting any cheaper.

Newsom may have his head in the clouds on most days, but even he’s not so oblivious to know that the gas prices are hurting everyday Americans. And he had a plan to ease some of that pain.

Newsome was hoping to suspend the gas tax hike that was set to take place in July. In fact, he wanted to go as far as to suspend the gas tax altogether. Depending on what he could have accomplished, it could have saved over 50 cents per gallon.

That’s not happening, though.

Why not, you may ask? Well, in California, Newsom doesn’t have as many friends in the state legislature as some of the Republican governors in other states.

No matter how Newsom tried, his fellow legislators decided that the gas tax hike was a must – and it’s going to cause the price to go up another three cents on July 1.

Right now, Californians have to pay 51.1 cents per gallon just for tax. It is what helps to maintain the roads and provide adequate transportation. And if that wasn’t already high – it will be jumping to 53.9 cents in July.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of money – and it really only comes to about 36 cents on every fill-up. However, in today’s economy, any kind of price increase is adding insult to injury. People need to be paying less – not more. And it shows that the legislators in California really don’t care about what people can afford.

If California’s roads were in amazing condition and traffic wasn’t so horrific, people might pay the taxes without thinking twice. But…the roads are bad and traffic is the worst.

Daniel Turner, the founder and executive director of Power the Future, tweeted that “Politicians care more about their radical green agenda than the pocketbooks of their constituents.”

This is where the truth hits home. There are too many politicians being paid good money to carry out the liberal agenda. They don’t care about the needs of their constituents – the very people voting to put them into office.

The politicians who were against suspending the tax increase were quick to defend themselves. Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the California State Assembly, and Toni Atkins, a member of the California state senate, explained “As we’ve said before, suspending the gas tax would reduce critical funds available for road repair and improvement projects.” Anyone who has ever driven through California will know that the funds never actually make it to those projects anyway, so their defensive words fall on deaf ears.

At least Newsom tried to do something, but he is powerless within his own state. It’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to move to conservative states like Florida and Texas these days.