City of Boston Handed Major Blow by Supreme Court over Censoring of Free Speech

Sorapop Udomsri /

The Democrats hate free speech. They despise the idea of people being able to share their views and ideas freely with other people. They secretly want to keep people from exercising that right because conservative values and teachings destroy the liberal socialist government they want to create. And with all of their hatred towards conservatives, it should not surprise anyone that they also hate religion.

The liberals have worked to strip prayer and God out of public venues for years. They cry foul when the name of God is mentioned in school. And punish kids who pray aloud before eating their meal in the lunchroom. And they have even refused to fly the flag of a Christian group because of the alleged danger it represents to their liberal cause.

The City of Boston was handed a rare unanimous decision from the Supreme Court in Shurtleff, et al. v. City of Boston, et al. that ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Harold Shurtleff, claiming the City forbids the Christian flag from flying in public.

RedState reported that there are “Three flagpoles stand in the plaza outside Boston’s City Hall. The American flag and the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts grace two of the three flagpoles; the City’s flag usually flies from the third. However, over the years, the City has allowed outside groups to hold ceremonies on the plaza and fly a flag of their choosing from the third pole in connection with those ceremonies.”

At first glance, the City of Boston is open to the free expression of groups that adhere to a flying flag that represents the group. The problem started when a Christian-based group wanted to fly the Christian flag on that third flagpole. The City denied them that right that is freely extended to every other group to fly their flag. The City violated the group’s right by stomping all over their right to free speech.

The unanimous decision pointed out that the City of Boston willfully denied people their right to express their beliefs. RedState reported that the Supreme Court ruled “Boston’s flag-raising program does not express government speech. The Free Speech Clause does not prevent the government from declining to express a view; Some of the evidence before the Court favored the City; some favored Shurtleff. Because the flag-raising program did not express government speech, Boston’s refusal to let petitioners fly their flag violated the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.”

The City of Boston has allowed over 50 different flags to be raised at over 280 ceremonies. Each one of the flags represented the unity that each group possessed.

The Property Management Department for Boston decided against the Christian flag going up. They decided to deny all Christians the ability to fly their flag at any of their ceremonies even though they allowed all other groups to raise their flags. The Commissioner was scared that allowing a religious flag to go up on the pole would violate city law. The Commissioner reasoned that there had never been any other Christian flag flown over the City. All the Commissioner did at the moment was admit that the City had been trampling over the group’s right to fly their flag for years.

The Supreme Court found and ruled that the City violated the Constitution. Every justice put aside their political affiliation and ruled in favor of the plaintiff. Boston liberals do not have the right to keep religious groups from flying their flag.

The Democrats serving in the various levels of government actively look for ways to keep religion and conservative values from being promoted and shared. They have tried to censor speech, shame people for being religious, and now prohibit the free exercise of speech.

Joe Biden and his socialist regime hate the concept of free speech. They need an environment that mirrors what China can do with people who share the truth. We need to make sure that our rights aren’t drowned out by the far-left.