States Draw Lines on Abortion Issue — Connecticut Jumps to Liberal Side

Olga Pyrozhenko /

Every state seems to have a position on abortion. They either want to ban abortions as soon as the heartbeat is heard, or they want to make it possible for anyone and everyone to get an abortion within the state.

Some states, such as uber-liberal California, have even decided that they want to create abortion tourism – inviting residents from other states to travel to Cali for all of their abortion needs.

This has become a battle of conservative versus liberal. It’s no longer about what is best for the mother. It’s no longer about what is best for the unborn baby.

Instead, it’s about extremism – and Connecticut has decided that they want to jump on board.

The state senate chose to pass a bill last week that would protect abortion providers from bans that they face in other states.

Let’s review this. Connecticut has decided that it would rather throw its support behind abortion providers than unborn children. That’s the level of liberal politics that the state has reached – and it should be enough to make you cry.

Essentially, Connecticut wants to protect the abortion providers from civil lawsuits that are made possible by laws passed in states like Oklahoma, Texas, and Idaho.

Conservative states decided that it was necessary to protect the unborn baby. They know that if someone was raped, a person would be able to find out if they were pregnant nearly immediately. As soon as a heartbeat is found, it is illegal for an abortion – and private parties have the ability to sue the provider or anyone else who may have helped with obtaining the abortion.

This new legislation in Connecticut will protect those who have never visited Texas from being able to use the Texas law to file a civil lawsuit. Those who flee from Texas to seek an abortion would not be covered.

Governor Ned Lamont has already said that he will sign the bill into law – and it has just hit his desk for his signature.

Connecticut state Representative Matt Blumenthal (Democrat) believes that this law could “serve as a blueprint for states across the country seeking to protect the right to choose.”

This is where the state gets it all wrong.

Conservative states aren’t saying that you don’t have the right to choose. It’s saying that you have to choose before you’re actually killing an unborn baby. If you fear that you may have gotten pregnant due to a one-night stand or a rape, stay on top of it. The moment your pregnancy test goes from one line to two, address it. Otherwise, abortion after the heartbeat is heard is murder. And yet, the Democrats continue to push for the murder of unborn babies in the most unapologetic way possible.

Oh, and if Connecticut couldn’t have gotten more liberal with this bill, they also want to change state statute language to “patient” instead of “pregnant women.” It’s all part of their push to be more inclusive. You know, because anyone can get pregnant these days…

Connecticut has certainly decided to take a stance on the abortion issue. We just didn’t expect them to rip out a page from the California playbook, even though they are blue.

Who knows – Connecticut may become another victim of the red wave during the midterms. Fingers crossed, right?