Democrats Realize No One Cares About January 6 Committee Findings

lev radin /

Nancy Pelosi has been leading the House committee responsible for the January 6 riots for over a year. The Democrats (and a few RINOS for good measure) have done nothing but call people in to testify. Everyone – Donald Trump, his whole family, and anyone else that may have even visited DC in the month of January.

We all know what the investigation is – a final witch hunt to stick it to Donald Trump. The Democrats want to do everything they can to make sure that Trump never gets inside of the White House again.

The investigation has done nothing but waste time and taxpayer dollars. And now, it seems that they have come to the realization that no one cares. It happened, we’ve moved on, let’s focus on something more important now.

Everything that the Democrats have tried to do in order to bring shame and disgrace to the Republicans has failed. The media even tried to frame Kevin McCarthy by saying that he was “ashamed” of what happened and told Liz Cheney (a known RINO) that Trump should resign immediately.

Isn’t it funny how Cheney is the one on the committee? That’s certainly not who McCarthy had wanted on the committee, but we already know that Pelosi doesn’t play by the rules.

The longer the January 6 investigation goes on, the more people are realizing that the Democrats aren’t playing fair. It’s having a significant impact on voter perceptions. It’s also leading to flashbacks to the Mueller report. Remember that? It was supposed to be the tell-all that would result in Trump being impeached – and yet, it fell flat.

As the Axios report included “They undercut what Axios has learned was a committee goal: building drama, mystery — and widespread public interest — ahead of hearings slated for June and the release of its report later this summer.”

It turns out that Americans really don’t care. They don’t want the drama and the mystery. What Americans really care about is inflation. And the longer that Pelosi focuses her energy on trying to frame Donald Trump, the longer the issue of inflation goes ignored.

If Pelosi and the rest of the House members on the committee want to help the country, they need to do something about gas prices. And the cost of goods on the shelves at the grocery store. Leave Trump and every other Republican who was in DC on January 6 alone.

There’s no way that it’s a coincidence that the investigation has been going ever so slowly – all the while it being a crucial election year. If they can maintain some drama around the investigation, they’re hoping that it will be enough to throw some distrust at the Republicans. They have seen the red wave – and they know that they cannot win simply by offering a better agenda.

It’s a typical Democratic move – they put down their opponent as opposed to rising to the challenge and showing all of the reasons why THEY should be in office.

All it takes is a look at the polls to show that the January 6 riots are the least of anyone’s concerns. Very few people blame Trump for what happened. Perhaps it was just a few extremists. Perhaps it was just a way to get people riled up. Whatever the reason for the riots, people have moved on – now, we might actually see the Democrats do the same.