Kamala Harris Opens Mouth and Pours Out Nothing But Confusion on Space

Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com

People are left scratching their heads after vice president Kamala Harris got done speaking about Outer Space. The clueless Democrat was put in charge of the space program when she first took office. But since that pointless day, all she has done is make remarks that are proven to be incorrect and make statements that make no sense.

There was a time when the vice president tried to talk about her involvement in a kid’s program on space. But the way she came across as childish led people to make fun of her as usual. Ordinary people would have learned their lesson and not talked about their past in certain subjects. But Kamala Harris needs to be an authority even though she knows nothing about space.

Harris had herself briefed on current space events before she arrived at the Vandenberg Space Force Base. She was there to talk to the United States Space Force members. She is the foremost expert on that branch of the military in her mind. After all, she was put in charge of the organization by Joe Biden.

Harris noted that during her speech, “Our Administration is working to establish international rules and norms for space. Yesterday at Vandenberg Space Force Base, I announced a new commitment that will help promote peaceful and responsible behavior in space.”

Harris is acting like a typical tyrant of Democrats who believes she has the sole ownership of Outer Space. And yet that was not the worst part of her speech. She had to tell people that she was setting the rules for space travel and international involvement in space.

The vice president tried talking down to the crowd of officers forced to listen to her lies about space. She tried to act like she was some kind of scholar trying to impart wisdom to her hearers. Her words of wisdom were an offense to the men and women that make up that part of the military. Every person in the room had more knowledge and experience dealing with space matters than Harris could even imagine.

Harris stated that “Space is exciting. It spurs our imaginations, and it forces us to ask big questions. Space? It affects us all. And it connects us all.” The sad little toddler thinks she was talking to grade-schoolers looking for information about space. She tried to inspire their minds, but they were already intrigued with space, or they would not have signed up for the program in the first place.

Her pointless words quickly would become the backend of jokes on social media. Her speech was likened by Bradley Skistimas, a songwriter, as being as good a speech as something she tried to speak on without being prepared. People who think that Joe Biden has mental problems seem to overlook that Harris’s mental ability is not far off from crazy.

The problem that Harris faces is that she has come to believe the lies of her propaganda. She believes that she is the most knowledgeable and experienced person alive in the programs she leads.

The fake queen of the south proves that she is an empty-headed person with no knowledge to share. She does not know as much as she thinks she does. She is a living example of what it means to be an imposter and a fraud.

The Democratic Party put its best foot forward with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Since their entrance into the executive branch, they have proven to be the worst pair ever to lead the country. And it would take fraudulent actions to get them into the White House.

The country stands in great danger because both noobs have deserted the American people for their selfish desires. Biden and Harris seek only what they can do for themselves because they lust for power and money. And they are willing to do whatever they can to secure it for themselves. They want to appear as they care, but their actions tell an opposite story about their true nature.