Netflix Flood of Liberal Agenda Programming Has Cost Them 35% in Less Than One Week

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April 19th found Netflix having to say something they have not said in over a decade; they had lost subscribers. The first quarter of 2022 is not good for the entertainment giant, but it shouldn’t be a true surprise to anyone. The changes the company has been making have done nothing to help them sell their product.

While their library of streaming shows is something that nearly sells the product on its own, people have become against the giant as Netflix starts making poor decisions in favor of the liberal agenda. The rampant child porn-styled shows, the racially charged anti-white programs, and the rampant push for openly encouraging transgendered and homosexuality as the norm has been forcing people away for some time now.

Many remained with the streaming giant for some time simply because of the access it would give families across the country. You would see young men and women serving their country sharing accounts with their families back home, each account watching the same series so they could talk about it like they would when they were home. College kids would call their parents about a show they binge-watched while working on their finals. Best friends would share accounts during COVID when they couldn’t see one another because of lockdowns.

Netflix saw this and decided they weren’t making enough and have started threatening to cancel accounts with log-ins from multiple locations. They wanted to target people for sharing their passwords. Never mind how much this key feature has kept many people signed up despite the consistent price increases that cuts even further into already stretch budgets while Netflix keeps reporting top profits from their perverse content. Along with this idea, some have floated the possibility of Netflix asking more to have a shared access account.

Certainly, to be a good chunk extra, if Netflix does this, you’ll start to see more account sharing than they could ever imagine previously, with cancelations of their accounts so they can share with a friend. Either that or more people jumping ship to go on to a more share-friendly platform at a lower cost. No matter the outcome, it would torpedo the profit levels they think they are missing out on from the sharing of profiles.

When the news broke about this sinking ship, Netflix dropped 35% on April 20th. Ironically, they would lose that much on the globe’s largest “stoner day” which often includes getting high and binge-watching a lot of the movies that Netflix offers. This drop along with the other slow drops put Netflix down 40% so far in 2022. This kind of plunge meant a $50 billion market cap loss for the company.

Many streaming, tech, and entertainment experts have weighed in on this subject. They believe that Netflix needs to increase the number of subscribers and the profit each one generates. This has led to another idea, introducing advertisements. Netflix needs to pray that the good idea fairy doesn’t attend a board meeting and push for that idea. It would alienate a vast majority of their current subscriber base, and Netflix would find itself locked out of any chance to turn this ship around.

The people in charge at Netflix have made it known to the American consumer that their sole goal is to make money. To hell with the customer, or to anyone who isn’t on the liberal pro-child loving/pro-trans bandwagon. They know that the people who march along to that drum will pay extra for bonus log-ins, will happily endure ads, or pay a lot more to avoid them, and that will keep them afloat. Since they don’t need the conservative patriotic American, perhaps we should start to leave them behind even further. They think they don’t need us, so let’s see how they do.