Psaki to be Placed Under Investigation


From pretty much day one, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has proven to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the political left and rather a pathetic one at that. Yes, she is supposed to be a mouthpiece. After all, that is her job.

However, her title does not require either that she lie to the American public or portray situations with any sort of bias. In fact, some would say that it forbids such.

It also forbids her from 1) playing favorites with the media and 2) engaging them after making future employment deals. And she has done both in the last few weeks.

It has become common knowledge that Psaki has decided to leave the White House for a job with MSNBC as a commentator. Naturally, prior to this arrangement, Psaki was in “negotiations” with several media outlets, all of them left-leaning, of course. According to inside sources, both MSNBC and CNN made her an offer.

None of this is problematic. After all, White House employees can look for other work and engage in negotiations or interviews to do so.

The problem, in this case, is that during the time in which Psaki was negotiating, she was also continuing her usual job of engaging with various media outlets and even appearing for sit-downs, podcast sessions, etc. To most of us, this is obviously a conflict of interest. But to her, I guess she thought it was acceptable.

But even worse than that, Psaki went so far as to make an appearance for a podcast and criticize a media outlet that competes with both of the sources she was in negotiations with.

Needless to say, there are some who have a major problem with these acts.

One such person is Michael Chamberlain, director of the watchdog group Protect the People’s Trust.

As he wrote in a recent letter to several officials within the Department of Justice, the US Office of Government Ethics, and the White House itself, “Ms. Psaki has continued to brief reporters from the White House podium, including reporters from networks she has reportedly been negotiating with, without any apparent restrictions, creating a potential conflict of interest.”

And he’s not wrong, specifically when the Biden White House and Psaki in particular, have made numerous comments about being a beacon of “engagement and transparency.”

Chamberlain also believes her attack on Fox News was a “misuse of her official position,” regardless of the fact that the outlet is a known competitor of her “reported future employer.”

In a podcast series “Pod Save America,” Psaki appeared, using her official title, and then proceeded to criticize Fox News and, more specifically, White House correspondent Peter Doocy. She said of Doocy, “He works for a network that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a b***h.”

Not exactly a compliment, huh? This is especially true for someone who is supposed to have professional relationships with Doocy and his employer.

Indeed, that fact makes the act even more condemnable.

As he and his watchdog group see it, Psaki’s recent actions and comments create an “appearance of a conflict of interest” that does nothing to help increase the American public’s already lower than average trust in our government.

For that, he and the PPT are calling for an investigation into Psaki and her possible ethical violations.

Of course, it isn’t very likely that those who received Chamberlain’s letter will act very quickly, if at all.

I mean, these are the same government heads who are currently targeting parents in school board meetings for questioning what their students are learning. It is also the same group of individuals who seem to think it’s acceptable to steal from the American public and the same ethics advisors who haven’t seen a problem with Psaki’s previous questionable behavior.

Clearly, Psaki isn’t all that worried either, even though, if convicted, her obvious conflict of interest could land her in prison for up to five years, according to federal law. We’ll see if that’s still the case come November.